PEEK 3D printing

High performance plastic parts for demanding applications

PEEK 3D printing is one of the biggest challenges for 3D printing manufacturers. The high temperature resistance and the basic properties of the thermoplastic material require the highest precision and in-depth expertise, for example when setting the correct PEEK printing temperature. However, with its positive thermal, chemical and mechanical properties, PEEK is one of the most important materials for high-performance plastic components and forms the basis for 3D PEEK components of the highest quality.

Ensinger is one of the largest PEEK processors in the world. We have more than three decades of experience in PEEK processing and produce at our global production sites. Our extensive plastics expertise and in-depth technical knowledge enables us to be one of the few manufacturers to offer PEEK 3D printing and to produce PEEK 3D parts to the highest quality standards, providing solutions tailored to our customers' requirements with the highest precision.

Your Benefits at a glance: Our PEEK printing service

While other manufacturers use and post-process PAEK variants, we are able to print PEEK directly in semi-crystalline form. With a high level of process expertise, we print void and pressure-tight PEEK parts with a high degree of isotropy & layer bonding as well as minimal warping. Additionally, we offer a wide range of filaments, e.g. food-safe and medical grade materials or established and well-known materials such as VICTREX® 450G and Evonik VESTAKEEP® 4000, enabling us to offer 3D PEEK parts of the highest quality - tailored to your needs.

  • Semi-crystalline printing of PEEK - rather than special variants such as PAEK types
  • No annealing & post processing required for crystallinity
  • Broad portfolio of filaments, such as VICTREX® 450G & Evonik VESTAKEEP® 4000
  • Food- and medical grade materials
  • Voidless & pressure tight parts
  • Highest isotropy & layer bonding
  • Lowest warpage of PEEK parts

VESTAKEEP® is a registered trademark of Evonik Industries AG.
VICTREX® PEEK is a registered trademark of Victrex plc.

Ensinger - Your Partner for High Quality PEEK 3D parts

Over 50 years of plastics expertise

Whether you have experience with PEEK 3D parts or are new to the advantages of the thermoplast: Benefit from over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and processing high-performance plastics. Our 3D printing experts are not only trained in PEEK plastic 3D printing technology. They also have a deep understanding of thermoplastic materials, which enables them to produce 3D PEEK components to customer specifications. Trust Ensinger, the plastics expert for high quality PEEK printing.

PEEK printing service

We are not just a service provider. We are your partner for the production and development of customised PEEK 3D solutions at the highest level. We bring our in-depth materials and manufacturing expertise to every phase of your project, supporting you from material selection to the finished 3D PEEK part. Benefit from having us as your PEEK 3D printing partner. With security and advice at every step of the process, the Ensinger One-Stop Shop for ready-to-install PEEK 3D parts and a secure supply chain, Made in Germany.

Industry partner for PEEK 3D parts

As a global company with a broad portfolio of solutions, we have in-depth expertise in numerous industries. We see ourselves as more than just a PEEK 3D printing provider or manufacturing expert. Working closely with our partners and customers, we can also adapt to the individual but demanding requirements of numerous industries. For example, we offer certified PEEK FDM materials and qualified PEEK 3D printing facilities for medical technology and aerospace, as well as for metal replacement and lightweight construction.

PEEK FDM Filaments: our Material portfolio

PEEK is one of the most important plastics for demanding applications due to its advantageous properties: PEEK 3D printing material is dimensionally stable, withstands high temperatures and is resistant to gamma and X-rays. As a thermoplastic, it is recyclable, but also has the advantage of being directly printable in a semi-crystalline state compared to other thermoplastics. This makes PEEK particularly suitable for applications where components need to withstand high temperatures for long periods of time without losing their excellent mechanical properties. As a plastic, it is also significantly lighter than metal or aluminium, which is why many customers use it for lightweighting or CO2 savings. With our broad portfolio of PEEK material for 3D printing and numerous modification options, we can meet our customers' individual requirements.
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK EV natural Teaser
TECAFIL PEEK EV natural - 1,75 mm
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK VX natural Teaser
TECAFIL PEEK VX natural - 1,75 mm
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK EV CF30 black 1,75 Teaser
TECAFIL PEEK EV CF30 black - 1,75 mm
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK VX CF30 black Teaser
TECAFIL PEEK VX CF30 black - 1,75 mm
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK LDS black Teaser
TECAFIL PEEK LDS black - 1,75 mm
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK VX black Teaser
TECAFIL PEEK VX black - 1,75 mm
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK VX blue Teaser
TECAFIL PEEK VX blue - 1,75 mm

 Ensinger One-Stop Shop for 3D PEEK PARTS

Thanks to our in-house compounding and filament extrusion facilities, we are able to produce PEEK 3D printing materials of the highest quality - both in standard portfolio and tailored to your specific requirements. This enables us to guarantee optimum property profiles and maximum safety right from the material production stage. We offer a wide range of PEEK filaments and PEEK modifications, including fibre reinforced and coloured grades for the medical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition to PEEK 3D printing, we offer a wide range of other materials and finished parts. We can also advise you on the right material and production technology for your application.

PEEK 3D parts: Case Studies and Applications

Flange bushing, 3D printed and machined

  • Made of TECAFIL PEEK natural
  • 3D printed & post-processed in-house
  • Made from high performance materials
  • Lasts up to 50 times longer than standard 3D printing materials inside moving applications

Lightweight strut , 3D printed and machined

  • Made of TECAFIL PEEK natural
  • Honeycomb structure allows 3D printing from both sides, a capability not feasible withany other method
  • Significant weight reduction
  • Constant stability