Polyimide machining

Machined Polyimide finished parts from Ensinger

In addition to the production of stock shapes and direct formed parts, polyimide materials are easy to machine. Complex components with tight tolerances can be produced on standard milling machines and lathes. Special plastic milling cutters should be used for optimum results. Polyimide materials from Ensinger (TECASINT) can be machined dry or with coolant if required. As machining is very similar to aluminium, the same carbide cutting tools can be used to machine TECASINT.

PI CNC - Polyimide materials for machining

We machine finished polyimide components from the following Ensinger shapes:
TECASINT 1011 natural
TECASINT 2011 natural
TECASINT 2021 black
TECASINT 4011 natural
TECASINT 4111 natural
TECASINT 5051 grey-green
PI Polyimide TECASINT 5501 ESD light brown
TECASINT 5501 ESD light-brown

Custom machined parts - your benefits

  • Specialists in the machining of TECASINT
  • Manufacture according to customer drawing
  • Tight tolerances ±0.01 mm achievable
  • Small batch production and prototypes
  • Quotations based on most efficient methods of production
  • Short lead-times
  • Parts fully inspected in accordance with customer requirements
  • Batch traceability
  • Plate dimension up to 300 x 1000 mm
  • Cylinders up to Ø 211 mm
  • Tubes up to Ø 289/212 mm

We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable process for your application. Contact us for this via our contact form.

Machined PI parts - application examples

Sensor housing

  • Thermal resistance up to 300 °C
  • Very good electrical insulation

Machined TECASINT 5111 natural

Part for chip testing made from TECASINT 4011

  • Low moisture absorption
  • High oxidative stability
  • Significantly increased rigidity and modulus up to 260 °C
  • Highly pure, low outgassing