POM injection molding

Injection molded POM parts

Polyoxymethylene (POM) is also known as acetal plastic and under the brand name Delrin®. It is one of the most popular engineering materials. It is mainly used in the automotive, many industrial and electrical industries.
We process POM at our global injection molding sites in Germany, the USA, Brazil and China.

Injection molding of POM COmpounds - tailored to your application

POM plastic has high dimensional and form stability combined with good mechanical properties, making it ideal for injection molding mechanically stressed components. Depending on the customer's specific application, we can supplement the POM polymer with additives to create special application-specific POM compounds.

POM injection molding technology

One of the most important processing methods for polyoxymethylene is injection molding. Micro injection molding is also worth mentioning and is suitable for the production of small, dimensionally accurate parts.
POM can be easily processed on our injection molding machines. Our extensive knowledge of injection molding processes, molds and temperature control technology ensures that our parts are of the required high quality.

Why Ensinger for POM injection molding?

We develop molded parts for our customers' specific applications. This includes proprietary compounds, injection molding and tooling technologies, assemblies and other value-adding secondary processes to strict quality control standards. 

Improving efficiency and reducing friction 

Energy efficiency and resource conservation are becoming increasingly important in the design of machinery, equipment and vehicles. POM injection molded parts are widely used in the engineering, general machinery and automotive industries, e.g. in sliding applications such as bearing bushes, rollers, slide rails, ball bearing cages, but also gears, valves, fittings and other components in contact with water, in the food and drinking water industries.

Other POM injection molding applications are in electrical engineering, e.g. electrical insulation parts, and in the medical industry.