PTFE machining

Machined PTFE parts from Ensinger

PTFE machined parts are in high demand in many industries because of their unique properties such as exceptionally high thermal stability and chemical resistance. However, PTFE machining is complex due to its low strength and high coefficient of thermal expansion, especially in the narrow tolerance range. These difficult PTFE machining properties must already be taken into consideration in the design phase of an application. Our qualified team will be happy to advise you on the definition of PTFE machining tolerances suitable for production.

PTFE Materials for cnc ptfe

The following products are processed into CNC PTFE parts:
TECASINT 8001 yellow-brown
TECASINT 8061 yellow-brown

For more information about PTFE machining please contact us. Our team is happy to advise you.

Machined PTFE parts - application examples

Ensinger Machined Parts is a reliable partner for PTFE CNC machining. Precision components are manufactured on a large and modern machine park using the PTFE milling and turning production processes. PTFE machined parts are sucessfully used in the following operation areas:

  • Chemical plant engineering
  • Food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Sliding applications under high chemical stress