PEKK filament

TECAFIL PEKK - PEKK 3D printing filament from Ensinger

The filament TECAFIL PEKK natural produced by Ensinger is based on the polymer polyether ketone ketone and belongs to the group of PAEK filaments. PAEK plastics are members of an exclusive group of high performance plastics and have numerous advantageous characteristics. TECAFIL PEKK natural, which was developed based on the 6000 series of ARKEMA Kepstan® raw material, has excellent flame retardant properties, enables low smoke emission and is one of the strongest non reinforced filaments on the market.

Our PEKK filament porTfolio

The Filament PEKK can be printed amorphously and is optimised for 3D printing due to its polymer structure. It is therefore considered easier to process than PEEK and is suitable for a wide range of applications due to its numerous beneficial properties. Components that require low weight with high strength can benefit from this high performance filament. The excellent flame retardancy and low smoke emission, good electrical insulation properties as well as good chemical resistance complete the profile of the TECAFIL PEKK natural.

PEKK 3D printing

TECAFIL PEKK filament is suitable for use in most industrial printers. 3D printed PEKK components can be used continuously at temperatures of 200 °C, and short-term exposure up to 230 °C.
All information on material properties and processing parameters can be found on the product detail page.

Components made of TECAFIL PEKK can also be manufactured at Ensinger on request. More information on 3D printing PEKK at Ensinger can be found here:

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