Shapes Services

Rods, sheets and tubes are offered in a range of small dimensional increments and with special properties to meet your requirements. Our products are manufactured by several different process techniques, which include plastic extrusion, plastic compression moulding, and plastic calendering, for a wide variety of high-performance, engineering and industrial base polymers, in addition to having the ability to cast plastic sheets, plastic tubes and plastic rods from nylon. These machinable types of plastic are used as starting products for manufacturing precision finished parts. Furthermore, our customers can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that our products are fully compliant with stringent quality standards.

Along with our stock shapes, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your individual requirements. 
For this purpose, our Technical Consulting service is at your disposal to discuss material-specific questions concerning your application together with you. In addition, our Conversion Service offers the possibility of adjusting your stock shapes to your desired dimensions. 

Shapes Services at a glance

Cut-to-size for your specific needs

Ensinger is your competent partner for the production-ready processing of our stock shapes using a high-performance machine park. We process the stock shapes to your dimensions. 

We support you in all terms of technical application advice

We support you in choosing the right material, provide you with information on the production and processing of our stock shapes or answer your questions on regulations and special requirements. 

Quick calculation of cut-to-size and cut-offs

In our login area, online calculation tools are available for your respective application, to quickly calculate cut-to-size and cut-offs.