LCP materials

LCP Material - Liquid Crystal Polymer

LCP polymer or Liquid Crystal Polymer is a predominantly aromatic polyester that has a special property profile due to its molecular structure. LCP polymers exhibit a high orientation of the molecules in the melt. This strong directional dependence (anisotropy) is intensified by shaping in the direction of flow. This leads to an anisotropic behaviour of numerous properties of the molded parts. LCP plastic has excellent flowability, which makes it particularly suitable for the production of thin-walled components. Therefore, LCP material is used in the electronics industry and in medical technology where installation space is limited and small and flat components are the desired result.

Manufacturer of LCP plastic

At Ensinger, LCP polymer is manufactured and distributed in the form of compounds.


  • Very low melt viscosity - long flow paths with very small wall thicknesses can be achieved
  • Very low water absorption
  • Inherent flame retardancy
  • High heat resistance and continuous service temperature
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Excellent insulating properties (but low creep resistance)

Liquid crystal polymer - applications and areas of use

The spectrum of applications ranges from medical technology and the automotive industry to network systems and other wireless applications.