Carbon fibre reinforced plastics

Carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) is a material composed of carbon fibres and a plastic matrix. 

Carbon fibres have been produced industrially since the 1970s and used as reinforcing fibres in plastics. They are made up of over 90 % pure carbon.

They have an exceptionally high modulus of elasticity. This makes carbon reinforced plastic ideal for applications where stiffness and strength are of paramount importance. At the same time, CFRP plastic is also characterised by its low weight compared to steel, which is almost four times heavier.

Unlike glass and aramid fibre reinforced plastics which offer excellent electrical insulation, carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic is electrically conductive. However, unless the carbon compound has been specifically designed for electrically active applications, carbon fibre reinforced materials should not be assumed to have constant conductivity. Compared to glass fibres, carbon fibre reinforcement is ideal for sliding friction and low-friction applications. Their properties support sliding movements and provide significantly improved abrasion resistance.

Ensinger offers a wide range of different carbon fibre reinforced plastics. In addition to carbon fibre reinforced semi-finished products, filaments and compounds, Ensinger also offers continuous fibre-reinforced sheets, organosheets, semi-pregs and prepregs as part of our composite product line.

Carbon filled plastic compounds

Short carbon fibre modified compounds for better mechanical and tribological properties.
TECACOMP PEEK 150 CF30 black
TECACOMP PA66 CF20 black

CFRP plates, rods and tubes

Extruded semi-finished products modified with short carbon fibres, which are distributed randomly in the plastic matrix and thus bring a uniform property profile in all directions.
TECAMID 66 CF20 black

Carbon fibre reinforced filaments

Carbon fibre modified filaments for tribology applications.
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK EV CF30 black 1,75 Teaser
TECAFIL PEEK EV CF30 black - 1,75 mm
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK VX CF30 black Teaser
TECAFIL PEEK VX CF30 black - 1,75 mm

Carbon fibre Composites

When a plastic application requires the highest strength and rigidity combined with the lowest weight, there is only one answer: carbon fibre reinforced fibre composite plastics. The thermoplastic TECATEC composite materials from Ensinger offer the highest mechanical properties at low density. Whether coated semi-pregs, impregnated prepregs or consolidated, multi-layer organosheets - Ensinger offers the entire range with a wide variety of thermoplastic matrix materials. Reinforcement with woven fabric made of continuous carbon fibres increases the properties of the polymer many times over. 
Ensinger is a manufacturer of carbon fibre reinforced plastics and has an extensive portfolio of materials, with varying degrees of fibre content. In addition, we offer you the option of further processing of the carbon fibre reinforced materials in-house either by machining, injection molding, 3D printing or other processes.