PSU injection molding

Injection molded PSU parts

Polysulfones are among the most amorphous thermoplastics, which due to their chemical structure are mainly used in high temperature applications and in high quality technological injection molded parts.

Injection molding of PSU compounds

PSU combines high strength at higher service temperatures and is mainly used in injection molding applications where, in addition to high mechanical stiffness, high continuous service temperatures and high creep strength are required.

PSU injection molding technology

Injection molding is the most commonly used method of processing PSU. Pre-drying of the molding compounds is required. 
High melt and mold temperatures are used during processing because the melts are highly viscous. This reduces molecular orientations and residual stresses thus reducing the susceptibility to stress cracking.
Our molds and injection molding machines are ideally designed for processing PSU with optimum processing parameters and temperature control. We ensure perfectly prepared and dried polymer is processed by our injection molding machines. 
We produce PSU molded parts at highest quality standards, designs with highly complexity, including technologies such as insert molding, overmolding and/or multi-component injection molding.

PSU injection molding solutions - application examples

We offer polysulfones for customised injection molding solutions. They are used in high quality and highly stressed molded components for applications that are subject to the highest demands in many industrial applications. PSU injection molded parts also substituting parts  of duromers, metals or ceramics. 
Injection molded PSU medical products offer high chemical resistance and outstanding resistance to repeated steam autoclaving with exceptional dimensional stability.