PAI Machining

Machined PAI Components from Ensinger

Like most engineering plastics, TECAPAI polyamide imide semi-finished products are usually processed into torlon machined parts. Depending on the PAI design and tolerance requirements used, our team has the right solution for Torlon® machining and tool selection. Thanks to our large machining operation, we have the appropriate machines for PAI turning (Torlon® turning) and PAI milling (Torlon® milling) for a variety of component geometries.

Depending on the requirements, the finished parts can be manufactured from the semi-finished Torlon® products listed below or also by machining PAI injection molded blanks. Thanks to the close cooperation of all Ensinger divisions, the optimum solution can be worked out together with the customer.

Torlon® PAI is a registered trademark of the Solvay Group.

Torlon® Machining - PAI Plastic for Machining

We can produce Torlon® machined parts from the following materials:
TECAPAI CM XP403 green
TECAPAI CM XP730 black
TECAPAI CM XP530 black-green
TECAPAI CM XP440 black-green

We machine PAI semi-finished products that are manufactured internally in our production facility. In addition, we can also machine your externally sourced PAI materials on request. For this purpose, please contact us via our contact form.

Machined PAI finished parts - application examples

Torlon® machined parts are successfully used in the following operation areas:

  • Semiconductor industry: test sockets, electrical connectors and insulators
  • Aerospace: fasteners, insulators and other components 
  • Oil and gas: components for natural gas compressors, pump components
  • General industry: bearing and wear parts as well as parts requiring higher strength and rigidity