PPSU Injection molding

Injection molded PPSU parts

The flowable, low-viscosity PPSU is particularly suitable for injection molding with upstream hot runner systems. It enables molded parts with thin wall thicknesses and long flow paths without sacrificing impact strength and chemical resistance.

Injection molding of PPSU materials -  used for demanding applications

PPSU retains strength and dimensional stability even at high temperatures. Its exceptional property profile enables it to be used in high quality and highly stressed components for applications that are subject to the highest demands in many industrial applications. PPSU enables the substitution of duromers, metals and ceramics.

PPSU is also used for injection molded medical applications, because in addition to its mechanical strength it offers high chemical resistance and outstanding resistance to repeated steam autoclaving with exceptional dimensional stability. 

Why Ensinger for PPSU injection molding?

As a solution provider, we develop and design parts and molds to meet the specific requirements of our customers at all times.  We offer you the entire value chain: custom compounds, PPSU injection molding technologies, machining of injection molded parts, assemblies and other finishing options, as well as value-added secondary processes in compliance with strict quality control standards. 

Substitution of metal and ceramics with PPSU molded parts

PPSU offers a convincing alternative to metal or ceramics for many industrial applications. It supports complex designs with low wall thicknesses and high mechanical requirements. We also use overmolding and insert molding technologies to integrate functions and eliminate additional assembly processes and cost.

Medical applications

The combination of PPSU materials and injection molding processing technologies is very well-suited to manufacture medical components, e.g. medical instruments and devices. Such molded parts meet the high safety and cleanliness requirements of the medical industry and are manufacturable in series quantities at reasonable cost levels.