PES filament

TECAFIL PES - PES 3D printing filament from Ensinger

The TECAFIL PES filament, based on the high performance plastic polyethersulfone, is characterised above all by its excellent physical properties. In addition to its transparent, slightly amber colour, which results in good light transmission, PES (sometimes also referred to as PESU) is also heat resistant, creep resistant and particularly dimensionally stable.

Our PES filament portfolio

TECAFIL PES filament has very good temperature resistance. This makes it particularly suitable for applications where tight tolerances and small dimensional changes over a wide range of temperature are required.

Our PES filament is suitable for a wide range of industrial printers as long as the recommended process parameters are met. All information on the material properties and the processing parameters can be found on the product detail page.

Our TECAFIL PES filament can also be processed into a 3D printed part at Ensinger. More information about PES 3D printing at Ensinger can be found here: