Custom plastic profiles 

High precision plastic extrusion profiles

In the field of custom plastic profiles, we combine experience and innovation to produce plastic profiles that meet your exact requirements. In doing so, we do not only rely on over 50 years of experience in the field of high-performance thermoplastics, specially developed and established plastic profile production processes and in-depth technical know-how. The constantly changing demands and requirements of our customers also leads to the continuous further development of our processes and products. We do not settle for the standard, instead, we search for new ways in order to find the right solution for your project. 

your Benefits of working with ensinger

High level of expertise

Precise geometries plastic profile
Well-founded know-how and many years of experience distinguish us, innovative ideas and challenges drive us. We are happy to support you with a high level of process expertise in every project phase and work with you to develop the best solution for your project. 
Complex geometries, tight tolerances, hollow chambers or detailed moulding: we are your competent partner for plastic profiles exactly according to your requirements.

Large variety of materials

Extruded Profiles
With over 50 years of experience in plastics, we offer a wide range of materials. With our in-house compounding facility, we can also produce custom materials for you on site. 
Whether you need high-performance plastics, engineering plastics, standard plastics or combinations of materials, we will find the right material for your application. Our extrusion, co-extrusion and pultrusion processes enable a wide range of profiles.

Individual solutions

In order to be able to offer you customised plastic profiles, we combine a high level of expertise, efficient customer service and customer-oriented processes under one roof.
We provide you with comprehensive advice and accompany your project in every phase.
Material, design, production process, further processing - every process step can be individually tailored to you and covered in-house.

One-Stop Shop for Custom Plastic Profiles

Material, design, production process, further processing: with our fully integrated value chain: All process steps can be covered in-house. This enables us to produce plastic profiles that are precisely tailored to your requirements. By integrating the process steps in-house, we offer efficient project management, competent advice and in-depth know-how in implementation. With specified materials and processes, complete batch tracking and customer-focused processes, we can respond flexibly to your needs and ensure the highest quality.
  • In addition to our comprehensive portfolio of materials, we also develop and manufacture customised materials, such as, reinforced with carbon, glass or aramid fibres or fillers for thermal and tribological optimisation.
    With our in-house compounding facility, we can offer materials that are precisely tailored to your specific application.
    • High fibre content
    • Large variety of materials
    • Recycled material
  • Our highly qualified experts will provide you with comprehensive advice and support at every stage of your project. We use and develop processing methods such as extrusion, co-extrusion and thermoplastic pultrusion, and can see your project through from prototype development to series production.
  • By integrating the process steps in-house, we can respond to your enquiries quickly and efficiently.
    • Prototype production
    • Series production
  • We offer a wide range of geometries and wall thicknesses. Even with complex geometries and tight tolerances, we offer the highest quality made in Germany.

    • Complex geometries
    • Tight tolerances
    • Hollow chambers
    • Detail forming
  • Depending on the customer's requirements, we can also process the profiles using in-line or off-line processes.

    • Knurling, bending, cutting
    • Welding, machining
    • Tempering, conditioning
    • Printing
    • Hot forming

Plastic profiles for a Zero-E future: Our contribution to sustainability

Where metals and aluminium reach their limits, high performance plastic profiles offer new solutions. Our short and continuous fibre reinforced profiles not only offer comparable mechanical properties - they also contribute to a reduced CO2 footprint over their entire life cycle.

  • Low-emission manufacturing conditions for materials and substances
  • Optimum mechanical, thermal and chemical properties
  • Low weight and associated lightweighting in any application
  • Recyclability of materials


Application Examples


Transducer profile

made of TECATRON GF40 black

  • Specified electrical conductivity
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Good mechanical properties

Slide rail

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Wear resistant to abrasive bulk materials
  • Perfectly suited for applications in food technology

Machined TECAFINE HDPE blue 5012

Lens cover

Used for cabin illumination in aircraft

  • Ultrasonic weldable
  • Good transparency
  • Flame retardant & low smoke density
  • Release for cabin interior

Extruded TECANAT PC natural profile