Aerospace plastic profiles: high quality, low weight

To ensure that we get where we want to go quickly, safely and with low emissions, the important foundations are laid as early as the aircraft design stage: Aircraft need safe, reliable and lightweight components to ensure fuel efficiency and performance. As a long-standing partner of leading aerospace companies, we support you in your plastic profile project from material selection to the ready-to-install profile. Not only do we know exactly what our customers require in terms of materials, geometries and quality, but with certified production processes and products, we also offer tailor-made solutions for the demanding applications of the aerospace industry.

Advantages of custom plastic profiles for aerospace applications

Our plastic profiles are:

  • Up to 40 % lighter than profiles made of aluminum and thus a key factor in reducing aircraft weight and emissions
  • Tailored to your project, from the material used to the geometries and dimensions as well as the desired strength
  • Flame retardant tested to FAR 25.853 and certified by Airbus (depending on the material)

your partner for custom aerospace profiles

In addition to their light weight, high-performance plastics offer many other benefits for aerospace applications, providing the basis for high-performance components and profiles. Whether you need flame-retardant plastic profiles for cabin interiors, high-strength profile systems for cargo applications or extra strong plastic profiles such as continuous glass or carbon fibre reinforced profiles, we can help you find the right solution for your project.

Application examples

Lens cover

TECANAT PC natural