Case studies in the aerospace industry

At Ensinger, we have worked on many different and diverse projects with a wide range of materials in the aerospace industry. With this, we meet the high safety standards of the industry. Read about some of the projects we have completed here.
Bepi Colombo

Thermal spacer

made of TECASINT

With Bepi Colombo to Mercury

Ensingers TECASINT material is part of Europe's first mission to Mercury with BepiColombo. The spacecraft for the mission are dependent on the function of the thermal control system (TCS), which keeps all the spacecraft's component systems within an acceptable temperature range during every phase of the mission. One part of the TCS is a thermal spacer, which functions as a barrier to high temperatures and radiation. This thermal spacer is a ring shaped plate made of TECASINT.
Bushing cages

Electric braking system


Safe braking with modified PEEK

In modern passenger aircraft, the use of electric braking systems is considered to reduce maintenance and improve reliability.The engineering challenges to manufacturing these new systems require the Polymers used to have greater wear and load-bearing properties. These properties are met by TECAPEEK PVX.
Cushioning piston

Greaser Plug

made of TECAFORM AD natural

Cost-efficient greasing of your landing gear

Aircraft landing gear supports the entire weight of an aircraft during landing and ground operations. All of the articulating struts and rods in the landing gear require lubrication to ensure safe operation. Grease is retained in each of these articulating struts and rods by the greaser plug made of TECAFORM AD (POM-H) from Ensinger. 


made of TECATEC PEI GW50 natural composite plates

Structural component for an airplane seat («J-hook»)

The aircraft industry exacts the highest requirements for installed materials: Low weight, high mechanical properties, fatigue resistance as well as stringent FST requirements are mandatory. Aircraft interior applications often see the use of glass fibre reinforced polyetherimide (PEI).

Heat sink

made of thermally conductive PPS

LED heat sink made from thermally conductive PPS

LED chips must be placed on a heat sink, which is often made of Aluminium. Replacing the aluminium heat sinks with thermally conductive plastic profiles reduces weight and life cycle costs. Plastic profiles don't need corrosion protection and no grounding.
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK EV natural Thumb

Cube satellite


3D printed components for small satellites

Driven by the surge in demand for 5G and internet connectivity, there's a growing need for satellites weighing less than 500 kg. Using advanced PEEK materials and 3D printing, we are facilitating the production of lightweight, reliable components capable of performing even complex missions.

Mountings for electrical plug-in connections

made from a pre-preg glass fibre and PEI matrix

Mountings for electrical plug-in connections

Lightweight and high-strength materials have become indispensable for high-end applications in the aviation industry. A pre-preg approved for the aviation industry with glass fibre and a PEI matrix (polyether imide) was chosen for as a substitute to metal for mountings for electrical plug-in connections.
Winglet structure

Winglet structure

made of TECATEC PPS CW50 black composite plates

Structural part for a light airplane («Winglet structure»)

Structural airplane parts ensure planes spend every possible minute up in the air. Every part must always work without fault and since in the aerospace industry every single gram is of importance, excessive weight reduces the payload and increases the fuel consumption. One example of these parts are so called "Winglet structures", which are used at the tip of the wing of light airplanes or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).