High performance plastics for the electronics industry

The electronics industry has developed more rapidly in recent years than almost any other industry. The megatrend of digitalization has made electronic components an indispensable part of our everyday lives. In industry, for use in sensors or antennas, and in private households, for use in smartphones for example, digital electronics have become indispensable and permanently in use. The resulting new requirements create challenges for many manufacturers. The increasing amount of data requires ever increasing performance criteria for the components, and at the same time, the products often have to become smaller and more compact. In addition, the product life cycle of electronic components has become significantly shorter in recent years, which in turn requires materials and manufacturing processes that are as cost-effective as possible. 

Plastics offer ideal solutions for this. With their diverse properties, individual and detailed components can be manufactured. Among other things, they have excellent insulating properties, high temperature resistance and are also extremely durable. Thanks to the numerous modification possibilities through various reinforcements and fillers, they also offer a high degree of flexibility. 

In addition to our compounds specially produced for components in the electronics industry, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of semi-finished products and finished parts. Our solution expertise covers the entire spectrum of the industry, from simple cables to highly complex sensor solutions and entire microsystems, which we manufacture completely inhouse using an innovative new development process.

Drivers of the electronics industry 


The transformation of the automotive industry from traditional mechanical powertrains to electric powertrains with the vision of autonomous driving leads to an exponential increase of electronic components in the vehicle. Limited installation space and increased demands on the performance of electronic components are opening up new opportunities for thermoplastics. 

5G and mmWave 

The desire to have information available anytime, anywhere with unlimited data volume is the driver for 5G and 6G technology. Especially the high frequencies (> 26 GHz) and mm wavelengths bring new challenges to antennas, transmitting and receiving stations, communication and network components. With our thermoplastic materials, we can optimally meet the rising dielectric requirements.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept of connecting every device to the internet and other connected devices. The IoT is a huge network of connected things and people - all collecting and sharing data about the way they are used and the environment around them. This ranges from smart microwaves, to self-driving cars whose complex sensors detect objects in their path, and to wearable fitness devices. 



To meet the high demands of the electronics industry, we manufacture compounds, stock shapes and finished parts to the highest quality standards. Among other things, most of Ensinger's data sheets provide information on the material's UL94 rating.
In addition, we have compounds specified by LPKF for laser direct structuring in our portfolio.

Maximum flexibility

The use of materials with special LDS additives allows the application of small, conductive structures to be injection molded into three-dimensional micro components. As suitable materials for this area, our high-temperature resistant compounds solve demanding challenges. We would be happy to help you with the implementation of your project and also support you beyond pure materials expertise. 

Finished parts from ensinger for the electronics industry

products from ensinger for the electronics industry


Flame retardant plastics 

Flame retardant properties play an important role in the selection of materials in the electronics industry. Insufficient flame retardancy can quickly lead to fire damage in sensor components or other small parts.

Laser direct structurable plastics 

Our portfolio of plastics for the electronics industry includes special LDS materials that meet the requirements set by LPKF and have been certified according to their specifications.

key applications for the electronics industry

  • 5G and IoT communication 
  • Mobile devices 
  • Autonomous & connected vehicle
  • Power electronics
  • Ensinger Microsystems


We are happy to help you individually with your project.