Sustainable reporting

Transparency and openness are important to us and our stakeholders. This is why we want to provide open information about the status of our work and the progress we have made, as well as any difficulties that arise. Our sustainability report presents both content for which the company is obliged to report according to its categorisation and topics of general interest. We also publish newsletters for employees.

You can find our first sustainability report for the 2021/2 financial year at the end of this page. Its scope covers the German Group. We plan to include all foreign subsidiaries in the next report.

Ensinger is also represented on various web platforms for sustainability. Choose your access here to EcoVadisIntegrity Next or Synesgy (membership fees required).  

We are connected to more than 110 of our customers on the EcoVadis sustainability platform. The most recent score card was published by EcoVadis in March 2024. Ensinger has been given "Committed" status.