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EMST - Ensinger Microsystems Technology

The development of products and technologies in fields such as mobility, medical, electronics and energy would be inconceivable without microsystems or microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). The current framework conditions impose high demands on microsystem manufacturers, with complex and cost-intensive production processes, sophisticated machinery, and labor-intensive back-end processes limiting possibilities. Progress in the microsystems sector is further hindered by issues such as raw material scarcity and technological limitations.

Ensinger Microsystems Technology (EMST) offers a completely new approach. As the world's first manufacturer, we seamlessly combine MEMS technology with the advantageous properties of high-performance plastics. EMST's revolutionary approach transforms microsystems and MEMS manufacturing, combining functionalisation and seamless integration to provide individualised solutions for functions, shapes, volumes, and sizes.



One of the core elements of our newly developed microsystems technology EMST is the possibility to add functionality to components. Our technology enables the creation of customised solutions by providing coatings that go beyond traditional options such as gold, nickel and copper, thereby extending production capabilities.


Unlike traditional materials, our PEEK-based solution enables adaptable moulding to accommodate customised wafer shapes that fit seamlessly into the specific requirements of the application. This not only adds functionality to components, but also opens up new opportunities for integration. The efficiency is maintained even at low volumes without compromising performance.


We push the boundaries of microsystems customisation by enabling unique functions, shapes and quantities - even with small numbers of wafers or sensors per wafer. Achieve unprecedented customisation in functions, shapes, quantities and sizes, tailored to your specific needs.

Taking MEMS technology to the next level - technological advantage with EMST

With EMST, we offer solutions to many existing challenges in MEMS technology. New possibilities for functionalisation, integration and customisation enable revolutionary approaches across industries. With innovative contact options that combine both sides, our materials are easy to process, paving the way for shorter, simpler and more cost-effective process chains, even for custom solutions. Our solutions based on high-performance plastics easily overcome challenges such as heat resistance, outgassing and chemical resistance. 

Ensinger Microsystems Technologies approach allows complete microsystems manufacturing outside cleanroom environments. Utilising high-performance PEEK (TECACOMP PEEK LDS) as a substrate simplifies conductor track application, eliminating cleanroom requirements and reducing the overall steps to achieve precision. With our new microsystems technology, we reduce back-end processes significantly.
Choose sustainability and a secure supply chain with our recyclable thermoplastics. With our own development and production facilities in Germany, we are well equipped to develop customised solutions that add value to your application. 

Ready to take your application to the next level? Ensinger Microsystems Technology makes it possible. It's not just any material, it's PEEK.



Learn how the use of TECAWAFER can revolutionise your MEMS application:

  • Overcoming traditional manufacturing limitations
  • Enabling the creation of functionalised, integrated and customised solutions


Find out more about EMST for  sensor production:

  • Using thin film functionalisation
  • Integrable and adaptable to the installation situation
  • Individual size, form, shape, quantity and function


Find out more and benefit from the advantages of EMST for transformers:

  • Significant weight reduction & volume savings of up to 80 % 
  • Significantly reduced use of resources like copper
  • Highest coupling factors

MICROSYSTEMS ONE-STOP SHOP: Your partner for MEMS applications

More than 50 years of experience has given us a deep understanding of high-performance plastics and manufacturing processes. We also understand the need to constantly adapt to changing market trends, customer requirements and the challenges of modern applications. Rethinking existing processes, developing them further and driving new approaches has always been an integral part of what we do. 

Our new process chain - from compound to finished device - can be covered in-house or via partners firmly anchored in the value chain. It eliminates complex and costly process steps. This enables us to produce conventional MEMS applications such as sensors or passive components like transformers with possibilities never seen before. We create solutions tailored to your application, enabling fuctionalisable, integratable and individualisable microsystems. We combine many years of experience and innovative development processes under one roof - for materials, products and services of the highest quality.

Depending on your requirements, we can cover the entire supply chain, from compound to finished component.

Ready to join the EMST Revolution?

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