Composite engineering & prototyping

In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of semipregs, prepregs and organosheets, Ensinger also offers individual support for customer development projects with thermoplastic composites. With many years of experience in the development of components made of fibre-reinforced thermoplastics, as well as the associated process development and optimisation, we stand by our customers from the idea to the finished component. We support them in the design adaptation for composite materials, material selection and mechanical simulation, right through to the production of samples, prototypes or small series.
If you would like to expand your existing production to thermoplastic composites or replace components made of thermoset composites with components made of thermoplastic composites, we are happy to support you. We are also at your side for the implementation of series production of components for a wide range of industries.

From material selection to prototypes: The Ensinger One Stop Shop

At Ensinger, we cover the entire process chain in-house  from raw material to finished component. Our portfolio ranges from powders, semipregs, prepregs, organosheets, compression moulded composite plates and finished parts to customer development projects accomplished with a wide variety of material combinations. 
At our production site in Ergenzingen (Germany), we grind polymer granulate to the ideal particle size in order to coat a carbon fibre, glass fibre or natural fibre fabric with the powder. This so-called semipreg can then be used in further consolidation and impregnation steps to produce a single-layer prepreg or multilayer organosheets.
For the further processing of semipregs, prepregs or organosheets into thermoplastic composite components, we are at your side with a high level of competence. More than 15 years of experience in the processing of thermoplastic composites as well as in the development of the associated processes and tools make us a competent partner for your application. 
All our systems can also be requested for contract manufacturing (tolling).

Our services for thermoplastic fibre composites 

  • With our expertise, we support you in the development of components made of thermoplastic fibre composites with customised designs, materials and processes. Together with you, our engineers optimise the component for composite production and select or adapt the materials and processes according to your specifications.
  • With more than 50 years of experience in high-performance engineering plastics, we can help you select the right combination of polymer and fibres for the application. 
    The matrix material portfolio ranges from standard and engineering plastics to high-performance polymers and includes both semi-crystalline and amorphous polymers. Reinforcing fibres can be selected from most available fibre materials and qualities.
  • Depending on customer and component requirements, we select the most suitable processing technology for thermoplastic composites. If necessary, new manufacturing processes are developed and tested. At Ensinger, we manufacture, test and prototype parts using tools, machines and processes that are close to series production. Whether it is a few parts to prove feasibility or a first small series from a production tool, we have the necessary resources to meet all customer requirements.
    We have developed a wide range of composite manufacturing processes to meet customer requirements such as geometrically complex parts, short cycle times or automation. Our core processes enable us to achieve economic advantages for both small and large series.

  • Components made of fibre-reinforced thermoplastics offer maximum rigidity and strength combined with low weight. However, the design and manufacture of such composite components requires a broad knowledge of materials, processes and dimensioning. As a competent partner, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive and individual advice.
    Ensinger has several locations worldwide that specialise in the mechanical processing of fibre-reinforced plastics. This means the finishing and assembly of finished parts can also be carried out in-house.
    Bike crank made from high performance plastic composites