Composites for automotive and mobility solutions 

The advantageous properties of the glass, carbon, aramid or natural fibres that can be used in a broad portfolio of thermoplastics as matrix materials, often results in a property profile that is ideally tailored to specific uses and offers solutions for many applications. Composites are ideal for components that require high stiffness and strength combined with low weight. Thermoplastic fibre composites are also recyclable. Depending on the material used, they can be tailored precisely to your project.
As a long-standing partner of leading manufacturers in the automotive sector and development partner of innovative mobility solutions, we know the challenges of the industry inside out. Whether it's design elements in vehicle interiors that are as functional as they are visually appealing, lightweight construction measures on automotive vehicles and e-bikes, or mobility solutions in aviation, we offer composite products and solutions that fit your application exactly. We will be happy to advise you individually and in detail.

Advantages of composites for the mobility industry 

  • Fast cycle times and automated production
  • Complex geometries through easy formability 
  • Advantageous mechanical properties: High stiffness & strength combined with low weight 
  • Large product portfolio for optimal solutions, with property profiles perfectly tailored to the application
  • Production of finished components with a perfect out-of-mould finish 
  • Class-A surfaces for applications in vehicle interiors through the use of SAN materials 
  • Recyclable materials and components 
  • Production of flame-retardant materials and components depending on the application and the matrix material used

Composite materials for the mobility industry 

SAN composite materials

Perfectly suited for visual applications such as automotive interior or visual components.
TECATEC SAN CF47 T245 semipreg V01 Teaser
TECATEC SAN CF47 T245 CP/IP/OS V01 natural
TECATEC SAN GF47 T290 semipreg V01 Teaser
TECATEC SAN GF45 T290 CP/IP/OS V01 natural
TECATEC SAN NAF47 T300 semipreg V01 Teaser
TECATEC SAN NAF45 T300 CP/IP/OS V01 natural

PEI composite material

PEI is inherently flame retardant and therefore perfectly suited for thermal runaway applications such as battery components. 
TECATEC PEI CF50 T200 organosheet V01 Teaser
TECATEC PEI CF50 T200 CP/IP/OS V01 natural
TECATEC PEI GF50 S296 semipreg FR V01 natural Teaser
TECATEC PEI GF50 S296 CP/IP/OS FR V01 natural
TECATEC PEI GF50 S296 semipreg V01 black Teaser

PP, PPS and PA6 composite materials

Our comprehensive composite portfolio which includes PP, PA6 or PPS matrices, offers many more possible applications in the mobility sector. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive and individual advice on your application.
Composite Organosheet TECATEC PA6 CF50 T200 Teaser
TECATEC PA6 CF50 T200 CP/IP/OS V01 natural
TECATEC PP GF45 T600 semipreg V01 Teaser
TECATEC PP GF45 T600 CP/IP/OS V01 natural
TECATEC PPS CF50 T200 semipreg V01 Teaser
TECATEC PPS CF50 T200 CP/IP/OS V01 natural

Applications & Cases 

  • Automotive interior: Visual applications inside the vehicle and other visible components
  • Covering, seats, underbodies
  • Battery boxes and components in batteries
  • Bicycle: Structural components such as rims, cranks and rocker arms, as well as covers and flaps, battery carriers, etc.
  • Urban mobility: components for e-scooters etc.
  • UAV