Shaping the future of rail transport with plastics 

Safer, lighter and environmentally friendly transport

Rail transport is a central factor for a more sustainable, environmental and climate friendly future. It acts as the backbone of passenger and freight transport. It not only relieves inner cities and roads, but also the environment enormously. At the same time, rail vehicles are already working at the limits of their capacity and performance. Constantly growing transport needs place great demands on the infrastructure and require the development and continuous expansion of safe, economical and efficient solutions for rail vehicles.   
High performance plastics have the potential to create rail transport solutions that serve people, the planet and economic interests alike. With over 50 years of experience in the plastics industry, Ensinger can help you overcome current challenges, find sustainable solutions and discover innovative new ways. 

Set the course for more sustainable rail transport with us

Weight reduction & fuel efficiency 

Plastics are significantly lighter than comparable materials made of steel or other metals. As a result, they significantly reduce the overall weight of rail vehicles and ensure greater fuel efficiency and more environmentally friendly driving.  

Increased passenger safety 

Plastics are robust, powerful and, depending on the material, meet various standards for fire protection. We will be happy to advise you on the right material for your specific application.  

Reduction of maintenance times

Due to advantageous properties such as high mechanical strength, corrosion and weather resistance and high temperature resistance, the use of high-performance polymers contributes to the reduction of maintenance times and increases the reliability and efficiency of rail transport. In this context, the selection of the right material is essential. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on this.

High performance plastic solutions for rail vehicles 

Finding solutions for our customers is always at the heart of everything we do. Through our many years of cooperation with leading manufacturers from the mobility industry, we know the challenges and guidelines of rail transport inside out. We support you in finding answers to urgent questions and set the course for the mobility of tomorrow. In addition to depth of knowledge and products of the highest quality, we provide you with comprehensive advice and can offer user-specific solutions along the entire value chain thanks to the close integration of our business units.  

Finished Railway parts

Products for the Railway industry

Areas of application

  • Tramways and light rail vehicles 
  • Underground / metros 
  • Commuter and regional trains 
  • Passenger coaches 
  • High-speed and intercity trains 
  • Locomotives 
  • Goods trains, freight wagons 
  • Passenger transport