Automotive plastics & solutions for e-mobility

Moving away from the combustion engine and towards electromobility, there is hardly any other industry facing a more profound change than the automotive industry. The pressure from politicians, the environment and consumers is constantly growing and poses great challenges for carmakers and suppliers. 
Cars and other vehicles must increasingly become lower-emission, more sustainable, safer, more autonomous, more efficient and more powerful. The central factor here is lightweight construction. 
The lower the weight of the vehicles and their components, the more efficient and environmentally friendly they will be. The use of high-performance plastics in the automotive industry plays a major role in this. They not only score points with their significantly lower weight compared to steel, metals and light metals such as aluminium, but their advantageous property profile, countless variations and modifications make many developments and innovations in the electromobility sector possible in the first place.

Materials and processing methods for automotive and e-mobility

At Ensinger, we combine depth of knowledge in the field of automotive plastics with many years of experience in the production and processing of automotive plastic components. As a solution provider, Ensinger relies on application-specific automotive compounds, state of the art technologies, optimised manufacturing processes and application specific innovations - all from a single source. For custom-fit solutions and forward looking projects, consider Ensinger.

Finished E-mobility parts

Products for the E-mobility industry

Automotive applications and automotive plastic components

  • Battery components 
  • Fuel cells and fuel cell components
  • Connectors, cables, cable management 
  • Electric motor components 
  • Sensors 
  • Design elements and components for interior design