PSU materials

PSU plastic - Polysulfone

Polysulfone is a thermoplastic, amorphous high performance polymer. Due to the amorphous molecular structure, polysulphones are translucent and have a light brownish or yellowish colour. The high temperature material PSU offers high mechanical strength and stiffness. 
PSU material can be used permanently under high operating temperatures and offers other outstanding properties, including impressively high creep resistance over a wide temperature range. PSU polymer is rounded out by its excellent dimensional stability, very good hydrolysis resistance and good chemical compatibility.

Manufactured PSU products and PSU parts

As a polysulfone manufacturer and PSU supplier, Ensinger sells the plastic PSU in the form of semi finished products as well as PSU filaments and PSU profiles. 
In addition, Ensinger processes PSU into customised components using several manufacturing processes including 3D printing, PSU injection molding and PSU machining.

PSU rods, plates and tubes - manufactured PSU Stock shapes

PSU shape materials

Ensinger manufactures and supplies polysulphone in the form of extruded PSU plates and PSU rods. All PSU semi-finished products from Ensinger are sold under the brand name TECASON S.

  • PSU rod
  • PSU plate / sheet
  • Customised PSU tube


Ensinger's PSU plastic material is a good alternative to polycarbonate because of its ability to endure autoclaving and its chemical resistance. It maintains its excellent mechanical properties over a wide temperature range. Other PSU properties are: 

  • High operating temperature (160 °C)
  • Very high hydrolysis resistance (suitable for repeated steam sterilisation)
  • High toughness even at low temperatures
  • High dimensional stability
  • Electrical insulation
  • High mechanical strength
  • High stiffnessigh creep resistance over a wide temperature range
  • Good radiation resistance
  • Good chemical compatibility of polysulphones


Electrical industry: Connectors, coil bodies, high-frequency insulators, lamp sockets, protection caps, antenna sockets  
Mechanical engineering: Oil level indicators 
Food technology: Microwave dishes  
Chemical industry: Valve spools, flanges, tubes, pump cases and inspection windows