PA pellets

TECACOMP PA - Polyamide compounds from Ensinger

Under the brand name TECACOMP PA, Ensinger produces high performance compounds from polyamide resin for further processing in injection molding. All the polyamide types we offer, such as PA6, PA66 and PA46, are high filled and can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. 

Mechanically optimised Polyamide granules 

For improved mechanical properties we offer carbon fibre or glass fibre reinforced Nylon 6 granules and Nylon 66 granules. 

Tribologically optimised PA Compounds

Nylon granules are often filled with pure mineral additives or PTFE for improved lubricating and sliding properties. These PA compounds are used for highly loaded sliding elements.

Detectable PA granules: TECACOMP PA66 and PA 6 ID blue

We have developed a PA6 and PA66 compounds portfolio especially for the food industry. Both types are metal and X-ray detectable. Customer-specific colour settings are possible.