PP materials

PP Plastic - Polypropylene

Polypropylene (PP) plastic is a semi crystalline thermoplastic produced by catalytic polymerisation of propylene and belongs to the more broadly characterised group of materials known as polyolefins. PP materials are universally standard plastics with well balanced properties that provide excellent chemical resistance, high purity, low water absorption and good electrical insulating properties. In addition, Polypropylene material is lightweight, conductive and weldable.

Manufactured polypropylene products and polypropylene parts

Polypropylene is processed at Ensinger into PP granules or pellets and further into semi-finished extruded or composite materials in rod, sheet, and tube form. Additional processing into extruded profiles or into finished parts by machining or injection molding is also part of Ensinger's core competence as a polypropylene manufacturer and supplier.

PP rods, sheets and tubes - polypropylene supplier of stock shapes

PP shape materials

Modifications of PP plastic materials are produced by Ensinger under the brand names TECAFINE PP and TECAPRO MT (for medical applications). Semi-finished products made of polypropylene plastic are manufactured by Ensinger for further processing in the following forms, among others:

  • PP rods
  • PP plates
  • Customised PP tubes

PP polymer is manufactured by Ensinger's various processes for different industries, and thus complies with food safety regulations and medical safety requirements. The manufacturing process for TECAPRO MT includes special heat-stabilising procedures to make it more autoclavable. The Ensinger TECAFINE and TECAPRO family offers the following polypropylene modifications:

Polypropylene Properties and Characteristics

The PP properties are:

  • Excellent chemical resistance due to its non-polar nature
  • Low density <1 g> and therefore very lightweight
  • High purity
  • Very low moisture absorption, allowing exact precision tolerance in machining
  • High thermal expansion
  • No stress cracking
  • Low toughness in minus temperature range
  • Electrically insulating
  • Food grade; FDA approved

Polypropylene Applications & Uses

General: chemical equipment, sewage treatment, transport boxes for food and fittings
Medical industry: trays, simple handles and body contact plates for mammography
Automotive industry: car interiors, other car parts