PA profiles

Industrial profiles made of PA from Ensinger

PA profiles with short fibre reinforcement are produced by PA extrusion. In cast pultrusion, the polyamide profiles are reinforced by continuous fibres. Nylon profiles are available as glass fibre reinforced PA profiles or as carbon fibre reinforced PA profiles. Our polyamide profiles are available as exclusively manufactured special profiles and can be produced according to individual requirements.

Customised PA profiles 

The dimensional stability of PA profiles varies depending on the molecular structure of the polymer. Polyamide 6 profiles are harder than PA12 profiles and have a higher strength. Polyamide 12 profiles have lower density and better chemical resistance compared to PA 6 profiles. PA6 cast pultrusion can be used to produce continuous fibre reinforced profiles which significantly improve the mechanical properties of PA profiles and are particularly suitable as aluminium and metal substitutes. Through the appropriate selection of polymer type, and the modification of material properties through additives, including the use of short or continuous glass fibres, a polyamide profile can be ideally adapted to specific application requirements. This makes PA profiles suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.

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