Nylon filament

TECAFIL PA - Nylon filament for 3D Printing from Ensinger

The portfolio of PA filaments currently includes two different grades: PA12 and PA6.

Our PA 6 filament, also called Nylon 6 filament, is available as a glass filled material and clearly stands out in the market due to its elasticity, excellent tensile strength, high stiffness and compressive strength.

Nylon 12 filament completes the portfolio of polyamide 3D printing filaments. It is characterised above all by its high chemical resistance and low water absorption.

Our Polyamide filament portoflio

Our nylon 3D printing materials are suitable for a wide range of applications. The heavy duty glass fibre nylon filament PA6 is excellent for applications that require high stiffness and strength. Components made from PA6 GF30 filament can withstand high static loads and are temperature resistant over extended periods of time.

The base polymer of the PA12 filament meets the requirements for food contact according to (EC) No 1935/2004, (EU) No 10/2011, (EC) No 2023/2006 and FDA. Legally binding documents must be requested separately.

PA filament portfolio

Glass fibre reinforced PA6 GF30 filament, black

Unfilled PA12 natural filament


TECAFIL PA filaments can be printed on a wide range of industrial and desktop printers. The TECAFIL PA6 GF30 black is also available with a diameter of 2.85 mm and is therefore suitable for Ultimaker printers. All information about the material properties as well as the processing parameters can be found on the product detail pages.

TECAFIL PA filaments can also be processed into a 3D printed part at Ensinger. You can find more information about PA 3D printing at Ensinger here: