PVDF injection molding

Injection molded PVDF parts

The polymer polyvinylidene fluoride is used in many industries and sectors due to its property profile. For example, there are many suitable applications in the chemical and process engineering industry, in medicine or even in the semiconductor industry. In addition, PVDF is also gaining in importance in the automotive and electronics sector. Ensinger, as a specialist for customised, injection molded PVDF finished parts, has been serving these markets for decades.

Injection molding of PVDF Plastics - tailored to your application

PVDF is an excellent abrasion resistant material with outstanding chemical resistance, good mechanical strength and excellent non-stick properties.

Ensinger also manufactures customised PVDF injection molded parts from PVDF compounds produced in-house.

PVDF injection molding and tooling

We process PVDF at all our injection molding locations worldwide with state of the art machine, plant and mold technology that ensures excellent product properties of the finished PVDF components.

In our injection molding plants, we ensure targeted and gentle processing of PVDF materials. The PVDF melt must not come into contact with boron-containing products (screws, barrels, certain glass fibres) or MoS2, as this can lead to spontaneous decomposition of the melt. Therefore, all PVDF polymers and compounds are fed directly to the injection molding machine and processed in specially coated screws and injection units.

PVDF injection molding solutions - application examples

Using PVDF polymer, we manufacture customised finished parts by injection molding or, in special cases, near-net-shape PVDF blanks for further PVDF CNC machining and finishing. We also assemble PVDF molded parts into more complex subsystems such as sealing solutions or other applications.

Due to its excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of aggressive liquids and solvents, smooth and low-friction surfaces, good mechanical strength and dimensional stability, PVDF is used in various applications such as:

  • Seals, slide rails, pump and valve parts, diaphragms and fittings
  • Pipes, pipelines, containers, filter plates for water treatment
  • Reusable packaging material for chemicals (such as gas impermeable containers)