Nylon injection molding

Injection molded PA parts

Polyamide, also commonly known as nylon, is ideal for injection molding. Thanks to the numerous modification possibilities of this polymer family, many application requirements can be realised using the PA nylon injection molding process.  
The global presence of our injection molding manufacturing facilities allows us to supply our customers with PA injection molded parts around the globe.

Injection molding of PA COmpounds - tailored to your application

For our nylon plastic injection molding production, we also manufacture special and customised PA compounds in-house to ensure the optimum property profile for our customers' application requirements. By adding carbon or glass fibres, minerals or PTFE additives, we have the ability to injection mold mechanically or tribologically optimised nylon molded parts. 
In injection molding, we process many unfilled as well as filled polyamides into application-specific technical functional parts. 

Nylon injection and mold technology

Our extensive experience as a nylon injection molding company in processing nylon and designing molds, enables us to economically produce complex geometries with the highest process reliability in small and large batch sizes. 
We use injection molding to process both unfilled and fibre reinforced polyamides into application-specific technical functional molded PA parts. Thanks to our extensive technical know-how in polyamide injection molding and process engineering, we are able to process any type of PA or nylon with high quality and precision. 

The manufacturing of complex nylon components with the highest precision and tightest tolerances are our specialty. We can also combine Nylon overmolding technology or our insert molding processes to help find the appropriate customer solution.

For precise Nylon molded parts, it is of paramount importance to ensure the polyamide is precisely dried prior to molding.
Our modern material preparation systems ensure optimum drying of PA material by removing all residual moisture, while also suppling the injection molding machines in a closed and monitored system. 

For polyamide materials, we have also established in-house material cycles. This allows us to recycle and reuse sprues or start-up scrap from the PA injection molding process, thus protecting our environment. In addition, we can also process polyamide recyclates from external sources.

Why Ensinger for PA molding?

As a solution provider, we focus on the development and production of functional and precision molded parts made of technical polyamide plastics for demanding applications in industries such as e-mobility, automotive, mechanical engineering, and others.

Polyamide injection molding and more

We offer the entire value chain: proprietary PA compounds, injection molding technologies, CNC machining, assemblies and other value-adding secondary operations. We always start with the optimum material selection for the application and ensure a component design that is suitable for the plastic. We use the necessary simulation tools to optimally develop the product and the mold at an early stage of the project.

Saving weight and assembly costs

We are experienced in designing PA plastic parts with minimal wall thicknesses, low material usage and high mechanical strength, which can be a compelling alternative to metal parts. In addition, overmolding and insert molding can be used to integrate further functionalities very directly, which reduces the costs of further processing and assembly activities for our customers.

Improving efficiency and friction losses

Higher energy efficiency is becoming a prominent theme, for such desires as increasing the range of electric vehicles or to reduce cost in industrial applications. Our special nylon molded parts are designed to reduce friction losses in various mechanical applications thus improving performance.