PEI Filament

TECAFIL PEI - PEI 3D printing filament from Ensinger

Sabic Ultem® 9085, otherwise known in our portfolio as TECAFIL PEI 9085 natural filament, is based on the high performance plastic polyetherimide. The Ultem® filament has numerous advantageous properties that make this amorphous high performance filament relevant for diverse areas of application. The PEI filament is inherently flame retardant with low smoke emission and therefore meets the FST safety standards (Flame, Smoke and Toxicity).

Ultem® is a registered trademark of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).

Our PEI filament portfolio

The Ultem® filament available as TECAFIL PEI 9085 natural has high stiffness, excellent dimensional stability and good electrical insulation properties. Our PEI 3D printing filament is tested according to the FST safety standards and is characterised by high resistance to radiation and chemicals. This makes Ultem® 9085 filament ideal for applications in the aerospace and tranportation industries, for example.

PEI Filament Portfolio

- Ultem® 9085 Filament - TECAFIL PEI 9085 natural 1,75 mm - 500g

The Ultem® 9085 filament can be used for printing heavy duty parts that have to withstand high temperatures. The PEI 3D printing filament is suitable for a wide range of industrial printers as long as the required parameters are met.
All information on the material properties and processing parameters can be found on the product detail pages.

TECAFIL PEI 9085 natural filament can also be processed into a 3D-printed component at Ensinger. You can find more information about PEI 3D printing at Ensinger here: