Processing methods at Ensinger

To be able to fully exploit the potential of high performance plastics and materials, we use the latest technologies and manufacturing processes. 

From extrusion methods, injection molding and polyamide casting to direct forming, 3D printing and machining, we offer the entire spectrum of possible high performance plastic manufacturing technologies. In the Ensinger one-stop shop, we not only find the right technology for your application. Our cross-divisional approach also enables us to combine manufacturing processes.

We will be happy to advise you individually on which process technology is the right one for your project.

Plastic Extrusion expertise

The extrusion of thermoplastics is closely linked to the founding history of Ensinger: In 1966, company founder Wilfried Ensinger was the first to succeed in extruding high-performance thermoplastics into high-quality semi-finished products on specially developed extrusion lines. Today, the extrusion of thermoplastics is still a core area of Ensinger's solution portfolio. Thanks to the continuous development of the technology and the constant expansion of the product range, profiles, filaments and customer-specific tubes and hoses are now extruded in addition to semi-finished products and insulbar insulating profiles. 

We support our customers as a development partner and extrusion expert in the production of small and large series. As a global player, we meet our customers' needs worldwide.  With one of the largest peek extrusion facilities, we are the partner of choice for our customers.


Ensinger is an expert in the extrusion of thermoplastics, particularly high-performance plastics. We cover the entire plastics pyramid, including high fibre content products. 


We use co-extrusion to produce profiles that combine different materials and properties, such as reinforced & non-reinforced, hard & soft materials or different colors.

Thermoplastic pultrusion

We use thermoplastic pultrusion to produce continuous fibre-reinforced profiles, which have excellent mechanical properties and can be used to replace metal.

Extruded Products & Parts

Processing Methods for parts

Special processing methods at Ensinger

Services at ensinger

  • As an experienced manufacturer of high performance compounds for technical applications, we also offer the production of tailor-made materials. Whether it's support in process development, the adaptation of compound formulations or the scale-up and series production of your formulations: Ensinger's experienced development team will provide you with comprehensive and individual support.
  • Through our own tool construction service, we offer our customers the greatest possible flexibility and thus customised solutions even for complex applications.
  • Our many years of experience in the production and processing of high performance plastics, as well as our innovative way of working, guarantee the high quality of your prototypes, even with complex and difficult-to-implement geometries. We offer various processes for the production of your components and their requirements.
  • In addition to cross-material and cross-technology consulting, we offer optimal solutions for the production of small and large series with a variety of manufacturing and processing methods in the field of high performance plastics.
    • Knurling, bending, cutting
    • Surface texture
    • Printing/punching (e.g., branding/trademark, product name or number, batch number)
    • Welding
    • Machining
    • Hot forming
    • Ultrasonic welding
    • Thermal forming         
    • Assembly and packaging
    • Tempering to reduce internal stresses
    • Conditioning to regulate the necessary moisture and physical properties
  • Cut-to-size

    Ensinger services for high quality rods, plates and tubes begins with comprehensive advice on the indented application and selection of the ideal material and appropriate production technique. Semi finished products are adapted exactly and individually to suit the application. We employ sawing, planing, grinding and contour planing to achieve a wide range of precise solutions with close tolerances.

    Online tools

    For registered customers with a user account, we offer additional services for our semi finished rods, plates and tubes.