Customised plastic tube extrusion at Ensinger
Lütfi & Rosario Tube Extrusion

Tubes, rods & hoses in customised dimensions

Tailor-made & custom-fit for your application

From seabed to space, from mechanical engineering to medical technology, from tubes to hoses. The applications for plastic pipes, rods and tubes are as diverse as our product range. With over 50 years of experience in high performance plastics and in-depth product knowledge, we manufacture plastic tubes to your exact specifications.

Your advantages

Customised advice & implementation

We manufacture tubes, rods and hoses to your exact specifications. Our extensive range of materials, wide range of dimensions and industry proven processes set us apart from the competition and allow us to produce plastic tubes tailored to your application.
Customised Tubes

Numerous modification possibilities

From fibre reinforced materials to safety-related additives and customised materials: Thanks to our in-house compounding facilities and broad materials portfolio, we can modify our products to meet your exact requirements. We also offer a wide range of modifications for tube production and processing.

Ready-to-install tubes: One-stop shop

By closely integrating our businesses and bringing the entire value chain under one roof, we are able to respond flexibly to our customers' needs.
This ensures the highest quality, full batch traceability and efficient customer service.
Tube Extrusion

One-stop shop for customised plastic tubes: from the idea to series production

Ensinger One-Stop Shop for Customised Tubes
Specified materials and processes, seamless batch tracking and efficient project management enable us to respond flexibly to your requirements and ensure the highest quality.
From the material, through manufacturing and processing, to series production: We cover all process steps in-house. This enables us to manufacture to your precise requirements, from material through production to finished plastic tubes, rods or hoses:
  • Choosing the right material is the key to success. Through our in-house compounding and reliable material suppliers, we have access to a comprehensive standard portfolio of high performance, engineering and industrial plastics. We also offer the development of custom materials. 

    Our material portfolio includes:
    • High performance, engineering and industrial plastics
    • Customised materials
    • Processing of customer-specific materials

    With over 50 years of experience in the field of high performance plastics, we can provide you with comprehensive advice on the right material for your application.
  • For optimum quality and safety, every detail must be right. That's why we accompany your project from prototype to production and offer project-specific prototyping.
    • Prototyping

  • Our customised tubes, rods and hoses complement the range of our extensive stock portfolio.
  • Through qualified materials, processes and products, we offer maximum safety and plastic tubes of the highest quality:

    • Tolerances according to DIN EN 16941, DIN ISO 2768 or customer-specific requirements.
    • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485
    • Tool design in line with construction and material requirements
    • In-house toolmaking
    • Production of different part lengths from one tool

  • Even for the most demanding applications, we can find the right solution for you. We will be happy to advise you.

Tailor-made plastic tubes for a more sustainable future

Ensinger's guiding principles describe our corporate culture, our way of working and our goals. This applies not only to our production processes and services, but also to environmental protection and the use of natural resources. Plastics offer great potential due to their advantageous mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. We would be happy to advise you on how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Industry-specific Solutions

Custom tubes case studies

Insulating tubes

Insulating tubes for minimally invasive surgery equipment

Discover high quality insulating tubing for minimally invasive surgical devices. Our custom plastic tubes, designed specifically for high-frequency surgery (HF surgery), are a key component of safe and efficient minimally invasive instruments. With over 50 years of experience as a plastics specialist and a broad portfolio of biocompatible materials, we offer customised insulating tubes that meet the high demands of the application. Learn more about the benefits of our high temperature plastic tubes and how they can improve the safety and performance of your surgical instruments.


Medical grade tube

made from TECAPEEK MT black

  • Tested or evaluated for biocompatibility according to standard ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18
  • Sterilisable & autoclavable

Shaft insulator

made of TECAPEEK MT blue

  • Dielectric strength
  • Up to 1000 cycles in steam sterilisation at 2.5 bar

Thermoformable tube

made of TECAPEEK MT natural

  • Tested or evaluated according to standard ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18
  • Weldable while maintaining a high dimensional stability