Custom plastic medical tubes, rods and hoses

The production of high performance medical tubes require high standards of safety, functionality and treatment efficiency. Additionally, materials used must also meet high quality standards for biocompatibility and simultaneously be able to withstand aggressive disinfectants, harsh chemical environments and sterilisation processes.
With over 50 years of experience in the extrusion of high performance plastics and manufacturing of medical tubes, we understand the needs of the medical industry and can help you find the right solution for your application. In addition to our extensive portfolio of stock shapes, we offer custom sizes to produce medical tubing to your exact specifications. 

Custom Medical tubes to the highest quality standards

The basis and starting point for the optimum quality and performance of our custom tubes is the use of the right material. High performance plastic tubes have a number of properties that make them ideal for a wide range of medical applications. The most relevant material properties for medical technology that we can cover with our comprehensive MT portfolio are:
  • Biocompatibility and Sterilisability
  • High resistance against chemicals, corrosion and pressure
  • Light weight
  • Heat formability and Bendability
  • Laser markability
  • Recyclability

Benefits with custom-fit medical tubes

Biocompatible tubes

Our medical tubes have been tested resp. evaluated for biocompatibility according to standard ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18 and meet the specified requirements for contact of up to 24 hours with skin and tissue and, if applicable, indirect contact with blood.

One-stop shop for medical tubing

From materials to the extrusion of customised tubes and a wide range of further processing options: We cover the entire value chain of medical tubing in-house. This enables us to offer the highest quality, maximum patient safety and efficient project management at every stage of the process.

Bent tubes and hoses for medical applications

With our own Ensinger processing facilities, we can also produce bent tubes and hoses for various medical applications. We will be pleased to provide you with comprehensive and individual advice.

Stock portfolio for medical tubing

In addition to our customised tubes, we also offer a comprehensive portfolio of stock semi-finished products.
Find out more about our stock range.

Application Examples

Medical grade tube

made from TECAPEEK MT black

  • Tested or evaluated for biocompatibility according to standard ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18
  • Sterilisable & autoclavable

Shaft insulator

made of TECAPEEK MT blue

  • Dielectric strength
  • USP class VI material
  • Up to 1000 cycles in steam sterilisation at 2.5 bar

Thermoformable tube

made of TECAPEEK MT natural

  • Tested or evaluated according to standard ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18
  • Weldable while maintaining a high dimensional stability