Injection molding expertise for medical devices and instruments

Injection molded components and parts made from high performance medical plastics (such as PEEK, PPSU, PSU Medical Grades) are used in a wide range of medical and healthcare applications such as 
in hospitals, laboratories and doctors' surgeries.

Development partner for pioneering medical injection molding solutions

Working closely with medical technology pioneers, we turn new ideas into solutions that support advanced medical treatments.
Together with our partners, we develop high precision medical injection molded products and assemblies competently, flexibly and to the highest quality standards. We ensure smooth industrialisation through professional project management. 
Our robust product development and quality assurance programmes ensure that the medical products perform with the highest reliability as part of the application, superior quality and compliance with the demanding industry standards. 

Injection molding technologies for demanding medical applications

With our comprehensive portfolio of Medical Grade MT materials, we offer a very high variety of materials in injection molding in medical technology and thus excellent choices for individual applications. 
In addition, we offer extensive injection molding materials expertise for an application-specific material development with in-house compounding. 

Overmolding, insert molding, multi-component injection molding, injection molding MuCell®-technology  can offer flexible solutions for the integration of functions as well as the production of medical assemblies. Through various printing and marking technologies (e.g. laser marking), surface treatments, deburring technologies (e.g. blasting), custom requirements regarding haptics, optics and traceability are met.

Sterilisable, reusable injection molded medical instruments 

For decades, we have been developing and manufacturing durable medical and surgical instruments with specific requirements for cleaning, disinfection or sterilisation, chemical resistance and the necessary mechanical strength, surface quality and freedom from burrs using plastic injection molding and as assembled subassemblies.

All these applications place the highest demands on tolerances, feel and appearance of the medical plastic injection molded parts. The low weight of the plastic instruments contributes to gentle handling even during longer periods of use. 

Lightweight, X-ray transparent & non-magnetic medical injection molding applications

Compared to instruments made of metal, such components allow X-ray transparency, are non-magnetic, lighter and can also be colour-coded. In addition to cutlery and applications in the operating theatre, such medical injection molded components are used in neurosurgery, e.g. for head mounts or also as trial implants.

We realise the complex shapes and design geometries required for this with high precision and efficiency using our injection molding technologies.

Injection molded functional components and assemblies for medical devices & apparatuses

Our injection molded medical products are used, among other things, in diagnostic and operating theatre equipment, where they take over important mechanical functions, such as dry lubrication, reduce wear and, of course, ensure the necessary mechanical strength.

Long-term resistance to X-rays and continuous operating temperatures of 260 °C, e.g. for computer tomography (CT), can be achieved with injection mouded components made of high-performance medical plastics.

We can injection mold our own thermoplastic composites into medical components that are used, for example, in operating theatre robots.

Near-net-shape medical injection molding blanks high material variety, reduced material usage as well as lower machining costs.

In medical technology, some components also require individual machining to achieve special contours and accuracies. Injection molding of blanks significantly increases the material variety and selection options. In addition, material losses and thus costs can be significantly reduced through near-net-shape injection molding.

We have many years of experience in the production of such blanks and can also reliably injection mold larger wall thicknesses without cavities.

We offer completion by CNC machining as well as assembly of subassemblies from a single source

Torque wrench for dental applications

injection molded with TECAPEEK MT colored

Surgical instruments

injection molded Endoscopy forceps

Medical diagnostics systems

injection molded Medical diagnostics systems