Medical grade 3D printing filaments

To meet the high demands of medical technology on materials and components, we offer medical grade filaments that are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our medical grade 3D printing filaments are the optimal solution for additive manufacturing of medical components. These filaments have been tested resp. evaluated for biocompatibility according to standard ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18 and meet the specified requirements for contact of up to 24 hours with skin and tissue and, if applicable, indirect contact with blood.

X-ray filaments and biocompatible 3D printing filaments

The X-ray filament PPSU MT XRO blue completes our portfolio of medical filaments. This filament is especially suitable for the production of X-ray opaque 3D printed components. For the biocompatible filaments within the Ensinger MED- / MT-standard-portfolio, a biocompatibility declaration is supplied on an order-related basis. This declaration also serves to provide consistent and for our customers comprehensible traceability of the customer order with regard to the products and the raw materials used.
PPSU filament TECAFIL PPSU MT blue 1,75 Teaser
TECAFIL PPSU MT blue - 1,75 mm
PPSU filament TECAFIL PPSU MT XRO blue 1,75 Teaser
TECAFIL PPSU MT XRO blue - 1,75 mm

One-stop shop for 3D printed medical applications

From compounding to filament extrusion to the 3D printed component - as a solution provider for medical 3D printing filaments, we cover the entire value chain in-house and under one roof. This ensures maximum safety, complete batch traceability and the highest quality. Our business units work closely together, allowing us to respond flexibly to customer requirements and develop customized medical filament solutions.

3D printed components for the medical sector

Our biocompatible medical filaments can be used for a variety of medical 3D printed components. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities of additive manufacturing in medicine and, if required, take your project from idea to production.

case studies

Trial bone plate
PPSU filament TECAFIL PPSU MT blue 1,75 Thumb

Trial bone plate

made of TECAFIL PPSU MT blue

3D printed trial bone plate

Bone plates play an important role in the treatment of fractures by holding the broken bone in place and allowing it to heal. Trial bone plates are used to help choose the right size bone plate. These can remain in the body for up to 24 hours and are subject to specific biocompatibility requirements. 3D printed TECAFIL PPSU MT blue trial bone plates meet these requirements and offer many advantages.