Thermoplastic medical composites

Few industries are as demanding as the medical sector. In addition to the highest quality standards, criteria such as resistance to cleaning agents, sterilisability and biocompatibility are decisive for the materials used in this sector. Medical fibre composites are increasingly being used in the medical sector due to their advantageous mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. Applications such as surgical instruments, orthopaedic products or diagnostic equipment benefit from their high stiffness and strength combined with low weight, high resistance to detergents and sterilisation cycles, as well as X-ray transparency and magnetic neutrality. As a long-standing partner to leading medical device companies, we understand the industry's exacting requirements. Our in-house production of medical fibre composites allows maximum flexibility and full traceability of materials and components. This ensures a high level of safety, transparency and quality and allows us to provide you with comprehensive advice on your project.

Ensinger One-stop shop for medical composites & components

From raw material to finished product: Ensinger offers a comprehensive portfolio of medical technology solutions from a single source. From the production of medical fibre composites and fibre composite panels to the manufacture of medical components, we handle every process step in-house.
  • From grinding and powdering to the production of our semipregs, prepregs and organosheets, we cover every step of the process in-house.
  • The material TECATEC PEEK MT CW50 black has been tested resp. evaluated for biocompatibility in accordance with standard ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18 and meets the specified requirements for contact of up to 24 hours with skin and tissue and, if necessary, indirect contact with blood.
    TECATEC PEEK MT CW50 black
  • With in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in the medical industry, our machining experts continue to excel in medical projects. The close integration of our business units not only optimises the process chain, but also ensures seamless order tracking. ISO 13485 certification and FDA registration provide further assurance.
  • We will be happy to assist you with your application and provide you with comprehensive advice. Here you can learn more about successful projects in the field of medical composites.

Thermoplastic medical composite materials

TECATEC PEEK CF50 S280 semipreg V01 natural Teaser
TECATEC PEEK MT CF50 S280 CP/IP/OS V01 natural

medical composite Applications

  • Spreader
  • Components for external fixation of bone fractures
  • Diagnostic imaging systems
  • Patient tables
  • Diagnostic instruments
Target arm

Target arm

made of TECATEC PEEK MT CW50 black

Orthopaedic Trauma Internal Fixation Systems

The goal of orthopaedic trauma treatment is to restore a broken bone to its correct position and orientation. When this is done by means of surgical intervention, fixation systems are used to secure the bone in the anatomically correct position. Manufacturers of such internal fixation systems need to meet many and exacting requirements in terms of function, weight and appearance, at the same time as keeping an eye on the overall costs in view of increasingly tight budgets.