Machined Parts - Highest precision for your plastic components

Broad portfolio with the tightest tolerances and superior quality

Machining is the fastest and most economical way to produce a high precision finished plastic part, especially for small batches and series with medium quantities.

Ensinger has decades of experience in machining of engineering and high temperature plastics. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing and finishing, our excellently trained specialists produce precision parts with the tightest tolerances and outstanding surface quality.

Due to our broad portfolio of high-performance plastics, we primarily use our own stock shapes and injection-molded blanks for machining. This makes Ensinger an ideal and reliable partner, offering our customers security and flexibility at the same time!

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One-stop shop for machined parts

Supply Chain Machined Parts

Know-how transfer

We use the know-how transfer in the Ensinger Group network to find the optimum solution for each customer. Together with technicians and engineers, our sales department provides support in the selection of materials, component design and the structural design of the finished part. Thanks to flexible and fast cooperation across different stages of plastic processing, we have an exemplary range of technologies at our disposal to achieve the optimum result for you.

Extensive portfolio of high-performance plastics

Ensinger not only offers machining and all the services around it - you also benefit from the concentrated expertise of the entire Ensinger Group. From compounds to semi-finished products in the form of plates, rods and tubes, or even processed into injection molded blanks, we supply your finished part from a single source.

More than 100 modifications of plastics are available to meet the most demanding requirements.

Why Machined Parts from Ensinger?

Experience is key

Ensinger was one of the first companies to machine high-temperature plastics. Since the opening of our first machining facility in 1980, a great deal of knowledge has been accumulated around plastic machining, new locations have been established and industry standards have been implemented. As a result, we can also draw on extensive experience in specialised manufacturing, such as the production of implants made of PEEK Optima®.


Our greatest assets are our employees. Through our own training, we create the foundation for the future and can thus pass on knowledge in a targeted manner and develop new manufacturing strategies. As with a successful football team, the mix of older, experienced employees and young, inquisitive colleagues is crucial.

Ask. Think. Succeed.

This short guiding text reflects Ensinger Machined Parts' recipe for success. Because we always focus on the optimum technical and economic solution for our customers.

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Batch traceability is an elementary component in the process chain of every single product at Ensinger. This is ensured by consistently complete documentation during the individual process steps from the raw material to the finished product. Another major advantage of Ensinger is that we process a high percentage of semi-finished products from our own extrusion (One-stop shop).

Qualified equipment and validated processes

We offer a large base of qualified equipment and validated processes. Of course, we validate further necessary processes together with you. We are happy to advise you on this if no specifications exist or changes are necessary to obtain efficient and safe processes.

Process monitoring and production control

In our quality control we have extensive testing and measuring procedures. Classic gauges are as much a part of our portfolio as modern tactile coordinate measuring machines and optical measuring systems. In order to ensure constant monitoring of the manufacturing process, our qualified personnel makes detailed self-inspections during the process. Thus, the quality of the products is continuously checked and ensured during the manufacturing process.

Visual inspections during and after processing can also be realised under a microscope in order to exclude smallest damages or material defects.

In addition, we perform special functional tests (such as leak testing) or a check of non-visible factors upon request. In laboratory tests (at our long-term partner laboratories), products can be tested for cytotoxicity, TOC, THC or bioburden, for example.

Machined Parts clean room


The quality requirements for products and the demands on a quality management system are constantly increasing. Ensinger sees these requirements as an opportunity to constantly develop further. We meet numerous requirements, which are regularly monitored by our customers and (re)certified by the relevant inspection bodies.

Certificates: EN 9100

International standard for quality management systems in aerospace industry.

Certificates: ISO 13485

International standard for a quality management system of medical devices.

Certificates: ISO 9001

International standard for a quality management system.

Certificates: ISO 14001

International standard for an environmental management system.


Our long value chain does not end with the machined finished part. Ensinger has an extensive portfolio of additional services that surround and complement the actual machining process. From geometry-related waterjet cutting to surface treatment or cleaning, assembly and packaging in a clean room, we offer you numerous advantages.

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Machinery and locations ensure delivery capability

Thanks to Ensinger's large and modern machine park, we can offer our partners security not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of general availability. Our worldwide locations offer additional security of supply in the event of global events or disasters, and at the same time provide customer proximity - think global and act local!

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Ensinger Machined Parts: Well versed in many industries

Thanks to our exemplary vertical range of manufacture, we offer numerous solutions from development to series products for a wide range of industries. This is one of the reasons why numerous companies have trusted us as a partner for many years.

The Ensinger Group has a long and extensive experience in machining in the aerospace industry. As the first PEEK transformer accredited by Airbus, we guarantee complete traceability of all machined parts with the supply of an ABS certificate.

The complex machined parts for the aerospace industry meet precise standards for tolerances and surface finish.

The food industry has changed significantly over the past decades, as many areas have evolved from craft to industrial production. Along with this process, however, standards and regulations have also become much stricter in order to prevent allergens, food contaminants and pathogens.  

Ensinger's semi-finished food grade products meet these requirements, and our highly qualified team at Ensinger Machined Parts knows what to look out for when manufacturing components for the food sector. A wide variety of components can be manufactured using CNC turning and milling processes while maintaining the tightest tolerances. Thanks to the numerous options we offer in the reworking of machined parts, we can provide the customer with a consistent manufacturing process of the highest quality. 

Machined parts for mechanical engineering must meet a wide variety of requirements (such as temperature resistance, sliding optimization, impact strength, etc.). Therefore, a variety of plastics are used, which often exhibit very different machining behavior due to their different material properties. In addition, complex turned and milled parts made of unreinforced and also reinforced material types can pose major challenges for machine and plant engineering. Ensinger Machined Parts has been active in the field of machining machine parts for decades, has a wide range of knowledge and is therefore the perfect partner for your application.

The major trends in the medical industry such as ageing patients and their mobility needs, as well as younger peoples' desire for a pain-free life, are resulting in an increase in surgical procedures as well as new treatment options. This is leading to greater prices and added cost pressures in the health systems and for medical product manufacturers.

The requirement to carry out unannounced audits, a tightening in clinical assessments, as well as additional testing procedures for certain medical products belonging to higher categories, are designed to enhance patient safety. This includes increased consideration of physiological safety even with short-term patient contacts, which leads to further emphasis on the product safety requirements.

For the manufacturers of medical products, this will mean the development of new, innovative products under the premises of product safety, patient benefits and cost control in future.

Ensinger helps to meet these requirements by supporting medical product manufacturers in creating product solutions with alternative, but tried and tested, materials and process technologies.

The oil and gas industry demands high temperature, high pressure, high mechanical strength and chemical resistance materials, suitable for the most extreme environments. Modern technical plastics have a major contribution to make towards improving existing solutions in the oil and gas industry due to state-of-the-art materials that offer a greater range of benefits.
Renewable energies are increasingly coming into focus when it comes to finding more climate-friendly and efficient solutions for energy production. Many companies, especially international and large global players, are therefore increasingly focusing on green technologies. Ensinger has reliably accompanied the technological change in these industries as a long-standing partner of many OEMs.
The production of systems for the pharmaceutical industry is confronted with special challenges that can only be met by adhering to strict regulations. The Ensinger Machined Parts team already has years of experience in this industrial sector. With validated equipment and qualified processes, as well as a clean room classified according to DIN ISO 14644-1 class 7 (operation) or ISO 6 (idle), Ensinger offers safety for customers and patients.
Of all the industries in which engineering plastics can help engineers solve design problems, none is more challenging than the semiconductor industry. Our semiconductor industry plastics are designed with the industry's often rigid and demanding environmental concerns in mind. In addition to this, our semiconductor industry specialists work directly with engineers to understand the unique challenges associated with every aspect of the semiconductor manufacturing process - from the beginning of the wafer processing cycle, through chip processing and handling, to packaging.