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Materials for machined components made of engineered plastics

Right material selection for demanding production processes

The machining of thermoplastics is a challenging and demanding production process due to the wide variety of material properties. It is therefore all the more important to choose the right material so that no unwanted problems or faults occur during production and in the subsequent area of application of the machined finished parts. Especially when using modified grades, which for example have a carbon or glass fibre content, possible material stresses must be taken into account. The choice of material is therefore a very decisive factor when it comes to the design and service life of your components.

Thermoplastic materials for machining

Thanks to Ensinger's broad portfolio of technical and high performance thermoplastics, and the associated wealth of experience in a wide range of applications, we work with our customers to find the best material match. Many different factors (moisture absorption, temperature resistance, strength, etc.) can influence this selection and must be taken into account.

Below you will find a large selection of plastics which are already used very successfully in machining. 

We machine plastics produced internally at our locations and, on request, also your external thermoplastic materials. You are welcome to contact us via our contact form. We do not offer contract manufacturing of thermoset components.