New Business Factory

Start ups at Ensinger as drivers of innovation

Plastics are drivers and enablers of innovation: Industries from all sectors benefit from the advantageous chemical, mechanical & thermal properties and the high flexibility that these materials offer. They are just as relevant for groundbreaking innovations and discoveries as they are for new solutions that make our customers' everyday lives easier.

Forward-looking trends, models and ideas find a place at Ensinger in the New Business Factory. 

The New Business Factory serves as an innovation engine within the company: with our unique start up culture, which is fully embedded in the Ensinger organisation, we give new ideas space. In this way, we pave the way for new projects and products to create solutions for our customers.

New Business Factory: Agile start up culture meets reliable business processes

Idea generation

In exchange with customers, colleagues and contacts, we continue to develop the application areas for high performance plastics. Whether materials, products or processing methods - we focus on creating solutions for our customers and contacts and don't let "it's always been done that way" stop us.

Idea development

In our internal evaluation process, the incubator, we analyse and test new ideas and discuss the solution approaches in the internal circle of experts. Everyone has the chance to hit the bull's eye.  

Start up support

As a start up within the company, we benefit from over 50 years of experience in the production and processing of plastics - and are still agile enough to live and create innovation every day.

Start ups at Ensinger: Current topics and success stories

Our Start ups often differ greatly in terms of content, but they always have something in common: they offer the potential to make the world simpler, more efficient and more sustainable for our customers.

Find out more about our current start up topics here: