Plastic solutions for the building industry

The construction industry is one of the largest consumers of material in Germany. Where materials such as concrete and steel first come to mind, plastics are becoming increasingly important. Due to their numerous advantages and flexibility compared to conventional materials, high-performance plastics such as polyamide are being used more and more in construction-specific applications.

Ensinger offers pipes and profiles in customised dimensions for applications in the construction industry. In addition, we produce special profiles for thermal insulation (insulbar®) for windows, doors and facades.

Thermal insulation for windows, doors & facades

Ensinger is a world leader in the development and production of thermal insulation profiles for window, door and facade construction. insulbar thermal insulation profiles create a thermal barrier between the inner and outer shells of a metal frame.

The use of insulbar saves home owners and developers energy and heating costs due to effective thermal insulation without compromising on quality, individuality or durability. At the same time, system manufacturers, metalworkers and window producers benefit from outstanding processing convenience, an extensive standard range and custom tailored individual profiles.

Benefits of insulbar for the building industry

Optimal advice – excellent support

Application engineering-related advice, from the choice of material and geometry through handling, logistics and processing to the application of insulbar insulating profiles is a key element of our core competence. It goes without saying that we are there to support you with any issues relating to development, design or quality management. We will also produce individual sample profiles on request and also train your staff on all aspects of insulbar if needed.

Cost-saving and profitable

The effective insulating effect of the profiles allows house owners to save heating costs in winter and remain cool economically during the summer. Tested quality and a long service life prevent complaints and supplementary costs during the warranty period of the end products.

Eco-friendly, sustainablity and future-proofed

Thanks to a good insulating effect and thermal insulation insulbar® helps to reduce the need for heating and cooling and therefore makes a major contribution towards reduced carbon emissions. The long service life of our products also helps to conserve the environment.


insulbar insulation profiles for metal windows, doors and facades

Ensinger, credited with being the inventor of the plastic thermal insulating bar, has developed and produced insulation profiles for system manufacturers, metal and window processors for 40 years. insulbar is synonymous with premium quality insulating profiles which are used for the thermal separation of aluminium profiles from the outer and inner shell of window, door and facade constructions. Our insulation profiles are extremely efficient at preventing energy losses in buildings and enable outstanding Uf values up to conformance with the stringent passive house standard.