Plastic profiles for the construction industry

The requirements placed on materials used in the construction industry are high. Components must be able to withstand high loads, be extremely stable and strong and withstand wind and weather without compromise. At the same time, planners and designers are under increasing pressure to find efficient solutions for building on time and in the right climate pose completely new challenges. 

Hardly any other material can react as flexibly to these different requirements as plastics. Advantageous properties of plastics, such as wear resistance, resistance even in harsh environments, moisture and UV radiation and low thermal conductivity are increasingly replacing traditional materials.

our custom profile service

For the construction industry, we manufacture custom plastic profiles. We can tailor geometries, dimensions and materials to suit your application. Our high-precision extrusion technology results in low-tolerance profiles. For maximum strength and rigidity, we can also add glass or carbon fibre to the plastic profiles. Using thermoplastic pultrusion, we develop and produce continuous fibre reinforced profiles that are particularly strong and stable.

  • Customised production
  • Precise dimensions and geometries
  • Materials and fillers tailored to the application
  • Extrusion and thermoplastic pultrusion
  • Particularly strong, resilient, durable and low-maintenance

insulbar - the insulating profile

We also develop, manufacture and market insulating bars for the thermal insulation of metal doors, windows and facades under the brand name insulbar.

Application Examples

  • Shower channels
  • Sliding doors