Plastic construction tubes for the building industry 

Plastic construction tubes for building projects have to meet many challenges and high demands in terms of durability, longevity, economy, sustainability and often aesthetics. High-performance plastics therefor play an important role in the production of construction tubes. Due to their advantageous properties and flexibility, they are increasingly replacing traditional materials such as steel, wood or metal, and their low weight makes them indispensable in lightweight construction.
We process and extrude high performance plastics into durable and efficient plastic construction tubes. In addition to our standard portfolio, we also offer customised plastic tubes - for durable, safe, stable and efficient tube solutions to meet your needs. We can advise you on your specific application and take your project from material selection through to series production and in-house processing.

how you benefit from using ensinger construction tubes

With our in-house manufactured custom construction tubing we offer:

  • High wear resistance for the manufacture of durable structural tubing and construction tubing systems. 
  • High resistance to harsh chemical environments, UV radiation, humidity and temperature fluctuations 
  • Low thermal conductivity for optimum energy efficency
  • Low dead weight for low-emission, more sustainable lightweight construction 
  • Recyclability 
Broad variety of possible modifications for perfectly suited customised tubes

Construction tubes that meet your needs

From the right material to the finished plastic construction tube

When manufacturing customised construction tubes, we can also help you choose the raw material. Depending on the application, different high performance plastics can be suitable, which can also be reinforced with glass or carbon fibres depending on the starting material - for additional strength, stability and load-bearing capacity.

In-house processing for optimum plastic construction tubes 

Our tube extrusion experts are supported by a further processing team that can produce bent, welded or combined tube systems from the extruded plastic construction tubes according to your requirements. Depending on your application, dimensions and wall thicknesses can be individually selected and customised.  

Application examples 

  • Sanitary pipes in various sizes and dimensions 
  • Water pipes and waste water conduits 
  • Media lines and chemical lines 
  • Wall thermosystems 
  • Overpressure compensation tubes