Ensinger Online Services

With over 50 years of experience in plastics solutions, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and process technologies. To help you find your perfect plastics solution with us, we also offer helpful services and tools to support you.

Make your choice

In our Material Selector you will find a wide range of our products and processing capabilities. The filter options on the left can be used to search for products with specific properties to suit your needs.

A tube to fit

Select from more than 4000 combinations by using the PEEK tube selector. You can select four PEEK plastic modifications and your exact size range of PEEK pipes and rings.

Request sample

Not sure if the material is right for your application? For many of our products you can request a sample. To do this, visit the material's product detail page in the Material Selector.

Shapes Login

In our shapes login area you will find further information and services that are available to our stock shapes customers via our website. As these are very detailed tools that provide comprehensive information, we only offer this service to registered customers with a user account.

Buy filaments

Ensinger wants to shape the future of the plastics industry and has started producing filaments for 3D printing some time ago. You can buy these filaments directly from us. Visit our filament shop here: