Up your level
with training on plastics

Trainings in high performance plastics

The world of plastics is the world of the future. Countless applications are based on solutions made from high-performance and engineering plastics. The complexity keeps increasing and with it the demands on everyone who works with this material. Well-founded, up-to-date know-how is therefore indispensable. The Ensinger training program makes you fit for your success in the world of plastics - practice-oriented, detailed and tailored to your level of knowledge.




Differences in plastic processing

You will gain an understanding of the process choice and its advantages and disadvantages and learn when it make sense to inject, print or machine components from a semi-finished product.


Plastics for food industry

You will understand the regulatory requirements in Europe, US and China and therefore the contents of European Food Regulation 10/2011, FDA and Chinese Food GB 4806.


The many dimensions of PEEK tube manufacturing

Get to know the production processes for PEEK tubes and receive an overview of the possibilities in material selection with regard to dimensions and product properties. 


Friction and wear properties of plastics

Understand the advantages of plastics in sliding applications, how sliding properties are evaluated and what PV stands for. This will help you to choose the right material for your application.
Webinar Flame Retardant plastics


Flame retardant plastics

Learn in this webinar about the flammability properties of plastics.


Plastics for Aerospace

Get an overview of the requirements of structural and interior parts in the areospace industry, as well as suitable plastic and process technologies.

Individual Trainings

Do you have any special wishes regarding our training courses? Do you need a training at your site? We would be happy to put together seminars and webinars tailored to your requirements, which we can conduct either online, at our location in Nufringen or conveniently at your premises.

If you require more detailed information on specific training contents, our technical application consultants will be happy to assist you.