Webinar Flame Retardant plastics

ExpertHour | Flame retardant plastics

Evaluate flame behaviour of plastics and understand industry-specific requirements

Learn about the flammability properties of plastics during the webinar. Which plastics are highly flammable and which are inherently flammable. What testing options are available and what industry standards are important for the flammability behaviour of high performance and engineering plastics. In detail, we want to pass on to you the requirements of UL 94 as well as details on the European railway standard EN 45545 and the aerospace FAR 25.853. Which plastics can be used for such high-risk components? What materials can we offer as a supplier of semi-finished products and what special flame-retardant modifications do we have in our portfolio. Expect a webinar that will help you select the right plastic for your application faster and more effectively.

Your benefits
You will get an overview of the possibilities of Ensinger's flame retardant plastics.

Target audience
This webinar is aimed at engineers and purchasers.





1 hour




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