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Service far beyond machining

Process steps and competences complementary to machining

Ensinger Machined Parts offers many other process steps and competences far beyond machining in order to be able to serve the different requirement profiles of the global market. From simple machined components without further processing steps to co-developed complex assemblies including numerous downstream work steps, Ensinger is known as a competent and reliable partner.
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Upstream processes

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Ensinger Machined Parts is not only committed to providing first-class machining services, but goes far beyond that. We consult with our customers prior to the start of a project and use our wide range of services to achieve the best possible results for our customers.

Detailed information below.

  • Long before the first chips start flying during production, our qualified employees are at your disposal for advice. Topics such as material selection, design layout and the choice of the right manufacturing process are dealt with by our experts. Additionally, we are happy to advise you on topics relating to the quality requirements of your components and thus find the best and most cost-efficient solution, perfectly matched to your requirements.
    Planning meeting
  • Using the latest CAD/CAM programmes, our highly qualified technicians create NC programmes for the most complex geometries. In addition, they design and create clamping fixtures and thus determine the machining strategy in advance. This optimises the set-up process on the machine and avoids downtimes.
    Machined parts CAD construction
  • In order to produce as little waste material as possible during milling and turning, optimal cutting of the parts is of elementary importance. In addition to the classic methods of cutting on a circular or band saw, we also have the option of water jet cutting. This allows cuts to be made close to the final contour, which saves material resources and minimises part running times on the CNC machine.
    Machined parts water jet
  • Many products which, due to their extremely complex geometries and due to the materials used, are at the limit of what is feasible in terms of production technology and can be influenced in their processing properties through targeted tempering. Several annealing furnaces are available for this purpose, with which the temperature curve can also be recorded and saved at the customer's request.
  • Special tools (step drills, etc.) are often required for components. In order to be able to produce these promptly and individually, we employ our own in-house tool grinder. This service enables us to react quickly and flexibly, especially for components made of non reinforced plastics.
    Machined Parts tool lift

Main process machining

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After extensive planning, programming and preparation, we machine the components on our modern machinery. It is important to Ensinger to always be up to date and we invest regularly in our machining centers. This constant development enables us to respond to the increasingly specific requirements of individual industries.

Detailed information below.

  • Our modern machinery is permanently kept up to date through continuous investment. Through this constant improvement, the possibilities for machining on the CNC machining centres are expanding more and more. Highly complex components, which used to be classically turned and then milled, can now be manufactured in a single operation. Driven tools and milling swivel heads in the machining centres create these conditions and are used by us.

    Furthermore, we manufacture components with unusual length-to-diameter ratios using the sliding head turning process, which sets us apart from the traditional market in CNC plastics machining and allows us to offer an even broader range of manufacturing services.

    A majority of our turning centres are equipped with automatic bar loaders and loading robots are also used successfully, which results in a high degree of utilisation of the systems. 
    These factors and our qualified specialist staff make Ensinger the ideal partner for CNC turning.

    Turning machine people
  • Component geometries are often becoming more and more complex, which also poses new challenges for manufacturing and the production line. Our decades of experience in the field of CNC milling of unfilled and fibre-reinforced high-performance plastics strengthens us in tackling these developments. Our qualified personnel and our state-of-the-art CNC 5-axis milling centres enable us to master these challenges. With sophisticated clamping devices and the use of robotic systems (palletising and articulated arm systems), we offer modern and cost-efficient production for our customers.
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Downstream processes

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The amount of further processing possibilities for the precision parts at Ensinger is almost limitless. Deburring and surface finishing are among the standard processes, while labeling, assembly and various cleaning processes are also possible. In direct connection with the validated cleaning process, we offer our customers the option of assembly and packaging in our qualified clean room.

Detailed information below.

  • Due to complex part geometries or specific material properties, a 100 % burr-free CNC production cannot always be ensured. In this case, our wide range of reworking options is available. From manual deburring by our qualified personnel (sometimes under a microscope), to deburring using dry ice, to blasting with various media such as glass beads, nutshells or high-grade corundum, we have many options at our disposal.

    The latter variants are not only used for deburring the parts, but also serve perfectly in the area of surface treatment in addition to the vibratory grinding (trowalising) we offer. Typical turning and milling marks can thus be reduced to a minimum so that the surface quality can withstand the high demands of a wide range of industries.

    Dry ice deburring
  • Easily recognisable traceability and clear part allocation are becoming increasingly important. In addition to the classic option of engraving the parts during the machining process, we also offer marking by means of laser marking, depending on the material. Laser marking can reduce the risk of dirt or the like accumulating, especially in the medical sector, as is possible with engraving. Moreover, contemporary part markings such as a data matrix code can be achieved here.
    Laser marking
  • As your one-stop shop, we naturally also offer the option of assembling components and systems. Typical assembly work includes pressing in and screwing in pins, bearings or threaded sleeves, screwing together several components or joining by means of bonding. Ultrasonic welding of components is also one of the possible processes of our assembly team. Additionally, we carry out functional tests defined by you and document them. 

    If required, assembly work can also be carried out in the clean room.

  • The cleaning of components is a high priority for Ensinger. By our own standards, we want to supply our customers with components that are free of dirt, oil and grease. From cleaning in an ultrasonic bath, to cleaning in an industrial washing process, to a validated cleaning process with subsequent packaging or assembly in a clean room, we can offer the ideal process.
    Machined Parts clean room
  • In direct connection with the validated cleaning process, we offer our customers the option of assembly and packaging in our clean room, which is qualified according to ISO class 6 (at rest) or ISO class 7 (in operation). Especially for the medical and (bio) pharmaceutical industry, this option is of very high importance and ensures safety.
    Machined Parts clean room