Case studies in the medical industry

The claim of our solutions for the medical sector is to always produce the very highest quality. The focus is on product safety, patient benefit and cost control. Learn more about our successes in the medical sector here:
Knee trial implant

Knee trial implants

made of TECASON P MT

Test Implants for Knee Joint Reconstruction

Manufacturers of knee reconstruction products are now in a global market for sales and customers. Apart from the actual implant, tools and instruments are of increasing importance. These facilitate handling during the operation, enhance patient safety and may even reduce the follow-up expenses for reprocessing. These instruments include test implants, which sometimes serve to differentiate products from the competitors. 
Target arm

Target arm

made of TECATEC PEEK MT CW50 black

Orthopaedic Trauma Internal Fixation Systems

The goal of orthopaedic trauma treatment is to restore a broken bone to its correct position and orientation. When this is done by means of surgical intervention, fixation systems are used to secure the bone in the anatomically correct position. Manufacturers of such internal fixation systems need to meet many and exacting requirements in terms of function, weight and appearance, at the same time as keeping an eye on the overall costs in view of increasingly tight budgets. 

Sterilisation trays

made of TECAPRO MT

Surgical caddies

Trays and caddies for transporting and storing surgical instruments, as well as those for screws and other implants are subject to stringent requirements such as easy transport through the sterile supply cycle and long product service life. On the basis of these requirements, the materials TECAPRO MT (PP) and TECASON P MT (PPSU) are an optimum solution.
Trial bone plates Teaser
PPSU filament TECAFIL PPSU MT blue 1,75 Thumb

Trial bone plate

made of TECAFIL PPSU MT blue

3D printed trial bone plate

Bone plates play an important role in the treatment of fractures by holding the broken bone in place and allowing it to heal. Trial bone plates are used to help choose the right size bone plate. These can remain in the body for up to 24 hours and are subject to specific biocompatibility requirements. 3D printed TECAFIL PPSU MT blue trial bone plates meet these requirements and offer many advantages.
Manifold block

Manifold Block

made of TECADUR MT TR natural

Manifold Block in bioprocessing

In the manufacture of chemical fluid handling equipment, it is often necessary to machine parts that act as junctions between components in the fluid handling system in order to regulate fluid flow. Ideally they are transparent in order to verify fluid flow. They must have excellent chemical resistance, so as to not modify or introduce any leachable compound or chemical into the fluids they are handling.

Insulating tubes

Insulating tubes for minimally invasive surgery equipment

Discover high quality insulating tubing for minimally invasive surgical devices. Our custom plastic tubes, designed specifically for high-frequency surgery (HF surgery), are a key component of safe and efficient minimally invasive instruments. With over 50 years of experience as a plastics specialist and a broad portfolio of biocompatible materials, we offer customised insulating tubes that meet the high demands of the application. Learn more about the benefits of our high temperature plastic tubes and how they can improve the safety and performance of your surgical instruments.