Custom Tubes

Modifications for custom-fit plastic tubes

Each application has its own unique challenges. Each application has its own unique challenges. That's why our custom plastic tubes can be flexibly adapted to your needs. With a wide range of modification options, we can suit the materials, production processes and finishing steps to your individual requirements. 
In addition to our qualified production processes and materials, we can also offer you industry-specific certifications and qualifications. This allows us to always find the best solution for your application.

Material-Specific Modifications

In our extensive materials portfolio, you can find a wide range of materials that we process into custom tubes, rods and hoses to meet our customers' individual requirements. The selection of the right material is of vital importance:  The choice of material can have a significant effect on the properties of the plastic tube. We are happy to provide you with advice on this matter.

Engineering solutions

Whether you are looking for particularly good mechanical properties for use in metal replacement projects or material modification for use in harsh environments, our comprehensive materials portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for your customised tube. The most common modifications are:

Wide Portfolio of Materials for Custom tubes

Fibre reinforced materials

Fibre reinforced materials are also part of our extensive range of materials. Fibres such as glass, carbon and minerals have beneficial effects on the mechanical properties of plastic tubes. We will be happy to advise you and find the right material for your application. The most popular modification possibilities through fibre reinforcement:

Fibre Reinforced Tubes

Customised fabrics

With our in-house compounding facility, we also produce and process custom materials. This allows us to offer maximum flexibility and tailor-made solutions for every application.

Industry-specific Modifications

We adapt the materials of our customised plastic tubes to the industry-specific requirements depending on the application. 
The most important modification options for our core markets:

Modifications for the Medical Industry

Biocompatible Medical Tube
The most common modifications for the medical industry:

Modifications for the Aerospace Industry

Bended Tube
The most common modifications for the aerospace-industry:

Modifications for FDA-applications

Chaining Element
The most common modifications for FDA-approved applications: