Food-compliant plastics 

Food grade materials and products

At Ensinger, food safety compliance of relevant plastic materials is a top priority. Here, the focus is on the strictest quality and safety requirements with regard to production safety and complete traceability.

Terms such as "Food-compliant" and "Food-safe" in relation to plastics are not official terms, but the terminology is generally understood to mean that a material is suitable for contact with food and does not pose a risk to food safety through the migration of hazardous toxins or substances from the material into the food that could be harmful if consumed.

Special care in this area is reflected in product-specific declarations of compliance with the most important food contact regulations: FDA approval for raw materials, Regulation 1935/2004/EU, 10/2011/EU, 2023/2006/EU and China food contact regulations GB 4806.1-2016, GB 4806.6-2016 as well as GB 9685-2016 for the Chinese market, can be confirmed depending on the product.  

Our quality management system complies with international standards and is firmly linked to our in-house procedures. In addition to DIN EN ISO 9001, Ensinger GmbH is also certified according to the standard for medical products, DIN EN ISO 13485. Our products are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of Regulation 2023/2006/EU for good manufacturing practice for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. 

Ensinger offers corresponding food contact suitable plastics in various forms. 

In addition to appropriately tested raw materials as compounds, also as filaments for additive manufacturing (3D printing), semi-finished products for further processing as well as customized pipes and profiles.

So if you're wondering which plastics are food-grade, contact us. We'll be happy to advise you on our wide range of products: from food-grade nylon to food-grade PEEK.