Plastic profiles for highest quality in food production

High production volumes, special application areas, efficient installation, maintenance and commissioning as well as the very highest quality demands characterize the food industry and pose great challenges for materials and components used. Our tailor-made plastic profiles made of high-performance plastics are an important component in food processing plants: geometries, dimensions, sliding and friction properties and mechanical properties such as strength and rigidity are individually tailored to your project and thus support the production of efficient, reliable and safe plants.

Your benefits for plastic profiles in the food industry

We manufacture plastic profiles for the food industry and food processing plants according to your requirements. Not only are geometry and dimensions tailored exactly to your needs, but we can also influence mechanical values such as stiffness and strength through our special production technology. By embedding continuous glass or carbon fibers into the plastic by means of thermoplastic pultrusion, the advantageous properties of the respective plastic are combined with the high strength and resilience of the fibers used.
  • Customised solutions from material selection, geometries and dimensions to the manufacturing process.
  • High process reliability and project support from idea to series production
  • Customised material selection for properties optimally matched to the application, such as sliding properties, strength, temperature resistance or food compliance
  • FDA approved plastics and profiles

your partner for custom food profiles